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  • Marijuana Mother's Day - Treat Yours

    Don't tell me you forgot this Sunday is Mother's Day? Eye-roll. Lucky for you it's not too late to find a weekend rental or overnight cannabis friendly lodging. Scroll through our listings, then stop, read and book them. How about this listing in Denver that features "fresh eggs daily". From high to low, near and far, Bud and Breakfast has 420 friendly vacation rentals for you with new ones being added daily. Stop by often!

    Marijuana Themed Mother's Day Ideas

    Does this sound like something your mom would like? I know I would! Start with a lightly medicated brunch with CBD tea, followed by your choice of yoga, painting, crafting, ending the day at the spa with massages. If you're in a legal state, make mom a medicated Mother's Day gift basket with bath bombs, THC lotions and patches for sore knees and shoulders. Include a cannabis cookbook and a sampling of several edibles, including cannabis or hemp coffee. Surprise her with her own plant and gift her a clone! If she's a gardener, you grow them just like tomatoes. Make it a contest the whole family can join in, who can grow the biggest plant. Lastly get her a bouquet of her favorite flowers from the nearest dispensary and enjoy them with her, because after all, that's what moms want the most, time with their children.

    Bud and Breakfast has locations in California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Alaska, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maine and many more US states as well as Europe and the Caribbean. In fact, it's almost easier to say where we don't have listings! Tell your friends or add yours today.


  • Red Rocks Concerts, Cannabis, and You!

    Ahhh.. Red Rocks Amphitheatre, located in Morrison, Colorado, you haven't lived until you've seen a concert there. It's simply stunning. Which brings us to.... our featured Bud and Breakfast rental of the week: Bed/Bath and Bong! Browse through these photos while imagining you and a loved one, or your besties, sitting outside with a nice joint, bottle of wine, listening to waterfalls, flowers blooming while smoking or vaping, some green flowers. If it's chilly you can move to the covered cabana with fire-pit. Perfect.

    Book your vacation now on Bud and Breakfast

    Cannabis friendly vacations Colorado Red Rocks

    This lovely house can be yours - for a week, weekend or month. Plan your visit when your favorite bands will be in town. Set on 1/2 acre horse property, the backyard is both private and very inviting for guests. Close to downtown Denver and an hour to the mountains and outdoor activities. With 2 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms, this house is a great size for 4. There's always something to do in Colorado, come on out!

    This week is National Small Business Week!

    Help support our small business and list your home, or extra space on Bud and Breakfast. We think we're kind of special in the world of cannabis tourism and want you to as well. Choose your property type and next in amenities search for "cannabis provided". No need to shift through listings trying to search on 4/20 friendly or cannabis friendly, all our listings are. Have a spliff and start your stay off on the right foot and in the right mood!

    Keep up to date with all the latest Bud and Breakfast posts, photos and contests by following us on social media. We're on Facebook (look for the photo of our team downtown Denver for 420), Twitter and Instagram. If you have any questions, please let us know. We welcome your listings and your questions.


  • News from Bud and Breakfast - Read these Reviews

    We are pleased and proud to feature these new pieces featuring Bud and Breakfast. Let's start with this interview and article featuring our CEO Sean Roby and entitled, Joints On Your Pillow: The Growing World of Cannabis Tourism written by Tess Allan and published on Civilized.  Next up is this updated piece by Max Taves found on CNET and titled, Airbnb-style Rentals, For Those Who Like a Good Toke. Here's a blurb we really like:

    "And then there's Its name pretty much says it all. By late 2015, the site had about 300 weed-friendly homes, primarily in Colorado, but also in places like Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, New Zealand, the Philippines and, of course, Jamaica. "We have everything from a couch to a castle," says founder and CEO Sean Roby, fresh from visiting homes in Jamaica. "Some listings are $3,000 a night."

    Lastly here's a piece by Rachel Krantz over at Jane St. Journal on 7 Sexy Gifts to Give Yourself this 4/20. Rachel has stayed at at least two of our listings, one in Colorado and one in Portland. Here's her first article on Bud and Breakfast appearing on Bustle - I Stayed At A Bud & Breakfast, And Here's What Happened. 

    Here's the location she stayed at in Colorado - B and B 420 in Denver - imagine your own cottage and free gram to welcome you! Take a look at this listing and book your stay today. In her latest Bud and Breakfast adventure she stayed at Emma's Front Porch in Portland, Oregon, a lovely two bedroom apartment with cannabis provided. The photos Emma has posted are enticing. Enticing enough for you. Book now!

    If you are looking for cannabis friendly, 420 friendly, 420 vacations, weed tourism or really, just want a place where you can smoke, vape or dab without having to stuff a towel around the door, without having to worry about losing a deposit, setting off the fire alarm & my favorite, getting dirty looks from the non-smokers, you'll want to stay at a Bud and Breakfast location. Worldwide locations and growing daily.

    If you want to make some extra cash or get in on the booming cannabis industry, take a look at our offerings and then list your own property!


  • Hop to It! 4/20 Bookings are Going Fast


    Hop over to Bud and Breakfast now to book your 4/20 holiday lodging. Fast like a bunny as it's this Thursday. We have locations in all the happening spots from California to Colorado. What kind of celebration are you looking for? We have lodging for you and your budget. Take a look and book now

    Where's Bud and Breakfast Next?

    Meet the Bud and Breakfast crew at the following locations and events coming up:

    • Cannabis Cuisine Experience - Not just wine country, weed as well - taking place in beautiful Sonoma County, California on Sunday, April 23. Let world-renounded cannabis chef, Miquel Trinidad of 99th Floor, prepare a dinner and weed pairing that you'll never forget. Dab bar as well. Reserve your spot today.
    • Cannabis and Wedding Expo - Happening in San Francisco - April 30th. Spring and Summer bring marriages and celebrations. Our friends from Cannabis Wedding Expo are bringing their expo to California. The event in Colorado was such as success and we are proud to sponsor and support them. After all, wedding guests need places to stay and Bud and Breakfast has locations big enough for the whole bridal party. Make sure to stop by and inquire about how to get your property listed or for a personal recommendation. Head over to YouTube & watch this video from the latest Colorado expo.

    Why isn't 4/20 a National Holiday Yet?

    Let's "Make Cannabis Great Again" and make a new holiday! California hosts the High Times Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino, Colorado has 420 on the Block, Washington D.C. & Washington State, Oregon, Massachusetts, Maine, we have a place for you.  Every year it seems like the parties get bigger & better and happier and happier. Join your friends or better yet, be the event planner and suggest a 4/20 party for your friends.

    If you aren't already (why not?) please follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and watch for your chance to win vacations Bud and Breakfast style.


  • Hash Bash!! Attention Grabbing Headline!

    Did I get your attention? Heard about Ann Arbor, Michigan's annual Hash Bash? If not, read on and follow the links.

    This April 1st marks the 47th Hash Bash, in Ann Arbor, Michigan along with the Monroe Street Fair Hash Bash Festival. This year guests include master cultivator, author and more,  Jorge Cervantes and Donny Danko of High Times. They'll be joining forces to offer a Cultivation Seminar on Friday the 31st. New for 2017, Hash Bash is holding the First Annual Hash Bash Cup and awarding prizes for the best Old School Hash, Solvent and Solventless.

    If you are a medical patient or caregiver, be sure to stop by Arborside in Ann Arbor. Award winning Cannabis to be had and I mean, award winning. A quick Google brings up High Times Cannabis Cup Winners from 2014-2016 and I personally have tried it. Amongst the cannabis community, they are well respected and known for their quality. Keep in mind if you live in Michigan, love cannabis and have a room, apartment or house that you want to rent out to other 420 friendly people, list it here on Bud and Breakfast! You'll make money and get to hang out with other cannabis enthusiasts and patients. Win-win = the best alternative, don't you agree?

    You, the Reader's To Do List:

    1. Decide where to stay for 4/20 - book your vacation now before everything is booked. It's much easier to have a cannabis friendly place to call home than stay in a hotel where you have to put towels by the door and worry about losing your deposit.
    2. Plan your summer festivals, sporting events, glamping, or big city vacation - find a Bud and Breakfast location to fit all your needs. Don't wait until it's too late. Make everyone happy. Pick out a place that offers to provide the weed, provide the medicated food, the vaporizers, bongs, rolling papers, dab rigs and enails, we're sure there is a location for you listed.

    News You May Have Missed:

    1. Rumblings out of Cayman Islands - the use of cannabis oil is approved for medicinal use but not allowed to be grown on the islands. Issues around importing from Jamaica or Canada when it would be better for locals to grow on island. Follow along by monitoring the keywords: Cayman Islands and Cannabis .
    2. This coming Friday and Saturday, March 31 and April 1st, bring the 4th Annual NOCO Hemp Expo in Loveland, Colorado. If you're interested in the growing hemp and CBD markets (which some say has the potential to be more profitable in the long run than the cannabis side), you must attend this conference. Fantastic speakers and a great expo hall. Last year I saw 3D printing using hemp and am very interested in hemp plastic. Locations in Loveland available, if you don't want to drive.

    Things to think about:

    1. Guess what season is coming up?? Give you a hint, usually there is a very fancy dress involved and lots of family. That's right! Wedding season. Celebrate in a 420 friendly house with plenty of room, stock up on your favorite strain and hit the wedding cake. San Francisco is the next stop for our friends hosting the Cannabis Wedding Expo, stop by.
    2. Summer vacations - where and when and what? How about the tomato festival in Spain where they throw tomatoes - think snowball fight only with very ripe tomatoes. World renowned. Take it off your bucket list this summer with Bud and Breakfast's location in Valencia!
    3. Fall - Back to school and back to New England. With Maine and Massachusetts open now you can enjoy leaf-peeking and smoking some green leaves. If you have never experienced fall in New England, it is breathtaking. Like stop the car and stare because of the light off the trees. We'll be featuring some locations in both states coming soon.


    That's all for now. Have a great week, don't release any press releases on April 1st and book your Bud and Breakfast weekend now. As usual if you have any questions, comments or concerns, post them and we'll answer them.

  • Here's Toking to Spring Springing and Grass Greening

    Spring has sprung, the grass has rise, I wonder where I can smoke some cannabis?

    If you're searching on weed friendly vacations, cannabis getaways or wanting all-inclusive luxury lodgings providing you with different cannabis strains and ways to enjoy them throughout the day, Bud and Breakfast has the place for you. Sativa's and coffee for breakfast, a medicated brownie, or salty party mix for a snack, a hybrid or indica for later in the evening before bed, all available to you. A night dab, bong rip, tokin' on a fat jay, anytime is the right time for cannabis.  Where can I book a 420 vacation? Where can I smoke pot on vacation? I'm dreaming of a stoner pilgrimage to Jamaica, where can I stay? The answer to these and any other cannabis lodging questions is Bud and Breakfast. What makes us different? Locations worldwide and our winning customer service. Take some time to look at our listings and book your "weedcation" today.

    March Madness - Bay Area Marijuana style

    Cannabis Vacations Basketball Budandbreakfast

    Grab the squad and head to California's Bay Area for the NCAA West Regional playoffs March 23 -25. Watch as March Madness hits San Jose and basketball reigns. Will your team advance to win it all? With Duke out, anything is possible, am I right?  Watch live or in the comfort of your weekend Bud and Breakfast location. If you're looking for locations with cannabis provided, use 'advanced search" and check the box under "Amenities". Ladies, if you're booking this for your significant other, plan something for yourself as well. Ask your host what's available in your area to do, most of them are on sight and welcome questions. If you like wine and he likes pot, you can both be happy at one of our wine country locations in California.

    Go Go Growers - Reno, Nevada

    Are you a cultivator? Wanting to learn how to grow pot? Confused about hydroponics over sungrown? Don't know what's best, worst or what soils to use? Put the 5th CannaGrow Expo on your calendar, March 25 and 26, in Reno, Nevada. If you are cannabiz professional coming to the Expo with your team for meetings, presentations and pitches, book at Bud and Breakfast and impress your friends and potential clients.

    Coming soon:

    Vacation of the Week, Booking Your 4/20 Vacation (places are filling up fast), Vacation of the Week,  Adventure Location, Where's Bud and Breakfast Next? and more. Follow us on our social media accounts - we're here on Twitter, here on Facebook and here on Instagram. We are always looking for suggestions, comments and of course, compliments and welcome feedback. Give us a call or send us an email!

  • Catch that Leprechaun - He's got Cannabis, Better than Gold!

    If running after a leprechaun sounds too strenuous, or you have on heels, make it easy on yourself and book a cannabis friendly St. Patrick's Day vacation through Bud and Breakfast.

    You can pick up some Lucky Charms from the local dispensary; milk and cereal (with marshmallows, wink) at the grocery. No running, and sometimes no walking, involved. What a perfect way to enjoy your weekend or your upcoming vacation time.

    If you're determined to catch that leprechaun with his pot of green gold, you'll probably find him in one of our extra green* states. On the East Coast, we have locations in Massachusetts and Maine and on the West Coast, we've heard Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Northern California are leprechaun hang outs. Reports have them sitting on porches, rolling and smoking pot from their pot.

    Better look and book now!  Get lucky and book your 4/20 vacation before the rush. You'll be pinching yourself over all our offerings.

    Give us a call if you need suggestions on where to stay, or where to find that tricky leprechaun and Lucky Charms strain.

    This Saint Patrick's Day, let's all be Highrish!

    *Extra green based on amount of precipitation received each year and the fact author lives in very dry Colorado


  • Academy Award for Best Cannabis Friendly Accommodations Goes To...

    Colorado's own Bud and Breakfast! Ok, we made the category up, but we're sure if, and when, an award show for cannabis entrepreneurs and cannabis friendly accommodations launches, Bud and Breakfast will be a winner. Categories could include: most environmentally conscious, ganjapreneur of the year, non-profit of the year, cannabiz of the year, invention of the year and others. One of these days the cannabis community will have its own Oscars, count on it, and get your green-carpet outfit ready. Extra points if it's made out of hemp.

    Here's a smoking, tokin', bong ripping, dabbing game idea for your Academy Award watching:

    Every time you pick the winner of the category - one hit
    Every time someone mispronounces a name (looking at you John Travolta) - one hit
    Every time you spot a vape pen in the audience - one hit
    Every time someone mentions politics - one hit (might want to take small hits for this one or you'll be couch-locked & asleep in no time)
    Every time someone swears - one hit
    Every time someone mentions weed, pot, marijuana, cannabis or makes a joke about it = BONUS - double hit

    If you're in mood for attending the real awards, Bud and Breakfast currently has locations directly in Hollywood and surrounding areas. It's not too late to get a good spot to watch the celebrities arrive. Click here to look and book!

    As February comes to a close, we want to know, did any of you get any of these flowers for Valentine's? At Bud and Breakfast, we'll take cannabis over chocolate and roses any day. No calories and the flowers last longer!

    Valentines Day Cannabis Travel Chocolates

    Coming up soon: look for St. Patrick's Day celebration suggestions (the smoking of the green!), information about the 46th Annual Hash Bash in Michigan, new press from the sold-out Wedding Expo, and more! As always, please let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Have You Booked Your Bud and Breakfast 420 vacation yet?

    No matter where or how you chose to spend our favorite holiday of the year, Bud and Breakfast has 4/20 vacation rentals for you! Book now as spots are filling up fast and we don't want you to miss your dream 4/20 vacation Bud and Breakfast lodging. Here are some of our favorite places to celebrate the holiday:

    1) Colorado - Whether you'd like to celebrate in our capital of Denver, on the ski slopes of Aspen or while visiting your college age children at University of Colorado or Colorado State University, Bud and Breakfast has you covered. How about taking a week and sampling several of our locations? Use this link to explore all our Colorado offerings.

    2) California - With Amendment 64 newly passed and in the books, California is ready to party! The hardest part is going to be deciding where - northern California around Humboldt, one of the many camping spots along Rt 1 in Big Sur although with all the rain they are getting, maybe Tahoe instead, the beaches in southern Cali, or (my favorite) the hot, dry weather of Palm Springs. We have Bud and Breakfast locations throughout California for all budgets.

    3) Jamaica - Escape the cold and head to Jamaica, birthplace of Bob Marley and some of the best landrace strains. Our customers have been raving about their vacations in Jamaica, you can read their reviews here. Come to Jamaica, get your Rastafarian on, smoke some cannabis and tour the grows. Our rentals have been vetted and verified for your safety and pleasure. Montego Bay and Negril are waiting for you, can you hear them calling to you? Cannabis and crystal clear water to play in, what could be better?

    Bud and Breakfast Jamaica Jamaica Bud and Breakfast 4/20 cannabis travel vacation

    4) Uruguay - For those of you interested in emerging markets and being the first to visit, we've recently added vacation spots in Uruguay. Visit the first country to fully legalize cannabis and catch the beginning of the industry while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Bonus: April is the start of their fall and the ocean water is the warmest.

    5) Your Choice - Bud and Breakfast has vacation rentals around the world, where would you like to spend your 4/20 holiday? At a big gathering ala High Time Cannabis Cup? A music festival like Coachella? With family and friends at an all-inclusive in Jamaica? Or maybe doing yoga and meditation in Boulder, Colorado? Whether you are looking for an active vacation with biking, skiing, and climbing or a more relaxed, weekend getaway, we invite you to explore our locations and contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to helping you book the perfect location for 4/20.

    Make sure to check back here often. We are adding new locations all the time and growing like a weed. Everyday is 4/20 and 4:20 here at Bud and Breakfast. Join us!

  • February Brings Love and Cannabis Wedding Expo to Denver

    Still celebrating Valentine’s Day? Queue up “Love is in the Air” and sing along especially if you’re planning to pop the question this February. Book a luxury stay at Blue Sky Ranch in Blackhawk, CO. Close to skiing, with ATV’s onsite along with other activities available. Beautiful mountain views combined with Colorado’s blue sky, well, it’s easy to see how they came up with the name. The home sleeps 13 comfortably, with enough space to book your family for your wedding in the summer. Nothing like soaking in your own private hot-tub with some finely grown cannabis from our world class cultivators in Colorado. Read more about this exquisite location and lodging, then book your stay by clicking here.

    While visiting us in Colorado, stay for the Cannabis Wedding Expo. This event features vendors for all your cannabis friendly wedding needs from photographers, infused products, hair and makeup to gift boxes for your wedding party; you can get your entire wedding planning taken care of in one stop. Great time for an event too, it’s President’s Day weekend, use your vacation day and come on out. If you live in San Francisco or Portland, Oregon, they will be bringing the expo to you. Reviews from last year were great and we highly recommend them, check our Facebook page for link to a coupon.

    Bud and Breakfast wants to be your one-stop cannabis vacation and tourism site. We have locations from Spain (who wants to go to Ibiza?) to Hawaii and as more states pass laws, we’ll be adding more properties. Maine and New England in the fall will be gorgeous with all those colors.

    If you have any topics you’d like to see covered, or questions, let us know in the comments below. Our bookings are picking up as 4/20 approaches; have you thought about where you’re going to spend our favorite holiday? Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for all the latest cannabis news and be the first to know about our new listings.

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