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  • 420 Friendly Weed Vacations for Autumn

    Where do you want to go on your weed friendly 420 vacation? Bud and Breakfast has listings located in New England, the Pacific Northwest, Colorado (and worldwide). We can help you find the perfect spot, contact us today!

    But where?

    Leaf peeking and peaking (nothing like a good puff on a sativa) go together like tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Medicated grilled cheese sandwiches. Leaf peeking AND participating in cannabis or hemp harvesting and processing is available at some of our listings. Let us help you find the right one.
    Maybe the thought of cold weather approaching gives you the chills and you'd rather be on a nice beach with a joint. Head to Jamaica, or for the adventurous, head to the Canary Islands! This blogger would join you in heartbeat.

    Choose us

    If you're looking for the perfect location, at your price point, Bud and Breakfast has them for you. We are adding new listings and locations daily and want to be your one stop cannabis vacation booking and information site. We are always available for questions, comments, concerns and our favorite, helping you book your cannabis vacation!

    Find us

    Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for contests, updates and photos of our beautiful locations and favorite flowers and buds (wink), then click, call or email us. We're standing by to assist you with your booking or listing of your property. Wherever or whenever you decide on your 420 weed vacation, you owe it to yourself to check Bud and Breakfast first!

  • 5 Marketing Tips Guaranteed to Increase Your Bookings

    Want More Visitors? Read on ...

    This week's blog features easy marketing tips for you to implement. Chose one to start with and then move through them all. We here at Bud and Breakfast want your customers to find you and book their cannabis stay with you.

    Here are 5 easy marketing tips:

    Photos, photos, photos: The quickest way to doll up your online presence is by using high quality photos. There is nothing that turns people off more than a poor photograph. Two of my favorite free sites to use for making backdrops and modifying photos are Canva and Stencil. Search out the most popular and used keywords for bed and breakfasts and cannabis and use them (but not too many at one time, it's different for each platform).

    Social Media and Online Presence: Facebook is your biggest opportunity to reach people who want to visit you. With over 1 billion users, you can reach them with a simple spend of $30 a month running Facebook ads and targeting people that are interested in a) your location and b) cannabis. Your second biggest social media presence should be on Instagram. Always take your posts on Instagram with #budandbreakfast, #cannabis and your location and state. Third, would be Pinterest. On your Facebook and Instagram, capture your audiences attention by asking questions, by posting different types of content - video is currently it. Currently you can sell on all those platforms.

    Photo Sara Conrad for Bud and Breakfast 2017 Marketing Cannabis

    Press: Contact your local and national newspaper and let them know you have a Bud and Breakfast. We've seen lots of press given lately to these stories. Let your NPR station know. Contact your local TV stations and promote your business as a local feature. Join the Chamber of Commerce.

    Recommendations and Reviews: Make your listing as attractive as possible by not only using clear photos, but by using descriptive words about your rental. Do you offer a welcome joint or welcome basket? Can customers make pre-orders through you for special occasions? Do you have something unique to offer? Are you an expert on your city and state? On cannabis consumption? Write all that down and keep in mind to newbies, you are an expert. Welcome your guests. Look at what others have written to get some ideas. Try running through all the steps a potential customer would from reservation to arrival. Contact your quests after their stay or before they leave provide them with cards to leave their review. Post their review on all your social media sites and especially on your Bud and Breakfast listing. Contact us and request that we blog about your location. Use the blog to post on your webpage. Stay consistent with your message.

    And the last one...

    Springboard off nearby Events: Tie your posts into special events either where you live or close by or within reasonable driving distance. I.e. if going to a concert in Denver at Red Rocks, your location in Grand Junction (on the other side of the state) might not be the one to push. Have a weekend special for Labor Day, a Back to School special if you live in a University town, promote a special romantic getaway with opportunity for cannabis lovemaking products (see Foria, if you're over 21). Update your website with local features and link to your property on Bud and Breakfast. Use sporting events as well. Any occasion is great for a visit to your Bud and Breakfast location, sell it!

    If you need assistance or further ideas on how to market your location, please send us and email. We wish you the best in your continued marketing and presence on Bud and Breakfast. Cannabis, for the win in 2017!


  • Canna Get Away to Uruguay?

    You sure "canna" with Bud and Breakfast, your 420-friendly vacation rental destination with locations throughout Uruguay and the world!  We're sure you'll find one that will peek your travel and wanderlust - just look..

    3 Very Compelling Reasons to Get Away to Uruguay

    1.  Recreational Cannabis - As of July 19, 2017, residents of Uruguay can purchase cannabis. Be the first to experience how legalization and easy availability changes a country. As a visitor, you will not be able to purchase, but the people there are open and friendly, and there are cannabis clubs and home-grows as well.

    2.  It's offseason and cool - Cool as in, not over 90 degrees, humid yes, but no unbearable heat like we're having this summer here in Colorado. In August, the average high (haha - she said "high") is only 61.2 F/16.2 C - after days of no rain and heat over 90's doesn't that sound great?

    3.  Location, location, location - Bud and Breakfast currently has 18 listings throughout Uruguay - from the capitol of Montevideo to the beaches of Oceania del Polonio to high above it all in the mountains of Minas, the capital of the Lavalleja Department. Uruguay has 19 departments - you can equate them to a state or providence.

    Click here to book your Bud and Breakfast cannabis friendly vacation now.

    Budandbreakfast rental Uruguay Cannabis Friendly3 Very Compelling Cannabis-friendly Places to Stay in Uruguay


    1.  Hike the mountains of Minas - Swim rivers, visit waterfalls, ride horses, and enjoy a vegan breakfast in this former hostel. Located in the Department of Lavallaja about 2 hours by bus from Montevideo.

    2.  Beach? Italian architect? Wooden interior? Check, check and check. This location has an ocean view, fireplace, deck and more. Cannabis smoking outside only! Put Casa Stefano on your wish list or reserve your holiday today.

    3.  Love art-deco? You'll love this suite available in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. Meet your hostess, Karen Higgs, of Guru'guay (and she certainly is!) all about Uruguay, Montevideo and cannabis! We highly recommend visiting her site and staying at her beautiful art-deco styled apartment in the mermaid suite.

    cannabis friendly resort uruguay holiday vacation

    3 Very Compelling Reasons to book with Bud and Breakfast


    1. We are a small startup focused on providing you, our customers, with safe, trusted vacation rentals that are cannabis friendly. Whether you are looking for cannabis provided or recommendations on where to buy and how to use, our hosts are there to help. Bud and Breakfast allows you to search on what's important to you. If you're here in Colorado, that might be air-conditioning, if you're in Uruguay that might be WiFi. If you want camping, you can search on that as well.

    2. Location, location, location - or in Bud and Breakfast's case - locations! We are the only cannabis bud and breakfast company that offers listings around the globe. Stay in Uruguay one week, the next  in Jamaica, or Spain. From camping spots to luxury oceanfront condo's, one star to five, Bud and Breakfast has a smoker, and toker, friendly place for you.

    3.  Easy - when you're looking to book a vacation, easy makes all the difference. Our hosts are on standby for your requests and our employees are here to help. We always welcome new listings - contact us today to add yours or talk your friends into adding theirs.

    Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and let us know what you're looking for in a weed vacation.

  • Adult Use Cannabis? Viva Las Vegas!

    Adult use cannabis sales go live July 1st in Nevada. That's right, if you're 21 or older you can purchase up to an ounce a day. Bud and Breakfast has locations in Las Vegas and surrounding areas, let us help you find one that's perfect for you.

    Contact us today with questions

    Our Nevada listings include a ranch house located in Amargosa Valley, a 420 friendly house in Henderson and numerous listings in Las Vegas. If you like cats and having cannabis provided, take a look at this listing - Boho Haus w/Cats 

    budandbreakfast las vegas cannabis vacation luxury 420

    Las Vegas and Nevada in July and August - some like it hot, some like their sativas. We think of Las Vegas as a sativa strain, always something going on, fashionable, exciting and lots of sensory thrills. Ride the roller coaster at the New York-New York Hotel & Casino, or for those really daring types, head over to the Stratosphere hotel and the some of the highest (wink) rides in the world. Wander through a casino with blinking lights, lighted jewelry, bells, and chimes all going off at once. Enjoy Nevada with a sativa and Bud and Breakfast vacation location!

    We're looking for reviews and new listings. Have you ever wanted to list your extra room or apartment? Welcome other cannabis enthusiasts to your city, state or country? Bud and Breakfast is the only cannabis luxury vacation company with rentals worldwide. Add your location, start traveling and checking off stays on your cannabis bucket list. It's FUN! Now, where to first...

    Look and book now at Bud and Breakfast! 

  • Hemp History Week 2017 - Read More

    Did you miss Hemp History Week? It's always the first week of June and features gatherings and events, grassroots activism, spreading the word, hemp community planting, and more. Here in Colorado we love hemp and we've been growing it since 2013.

    4 Interesting Facts About Hemp

    1. The ten dollar bill released in 1914 was not only printed on hemp but featured hemp being harvested as well.
    2. Hemp doesn't get you "high". Hemp is bred to have less than .3% THC and is highly sought after for its' high CBD and other cannabinoids as well as for...
    3. It's estimated that hemp has over 25,000 uses. The ones we're particularly fond of and support are hemp plastics (everything made with plastic can be made with hemp & it's biodegradable), hemp food, animal feed and bedding, paper, varnishes, fabric, and rope. We're very enthusiastic about hempcrete as well.
    4. Up and coming huge market - Hemp is predicted to be a bigger money maker than cannabis because of its' many uses. If you're a farmer you can still get in on the ground floor. Visit and stay at one of our locations where you can combine a trip to the farm with a great stay.

    Bud & Breakfast & Hemp

    Let us know if you'd like recommendations on where to stay, learn more about hemp or if you want to tour a hemp field. There are events all over Colorado and in other states. If you know someone or you yourself would like to list your property on Bud and Breakfast, we're here to help both you and your guests.

    Read more about Hemp History Week and Hemp here:

    Grow Hemp Colorado - Hemp farmer since 2013, forums, community, vast source of knowledge

    "Why America is Fired Up about Hemp", author Doug Fine speaks with Salon

    Hemp Industries Association 

    National Hemp Association

    North American Industrial Hemp Council, Inc 

    Hemp, hemp, hooray for hemp!

  • Spring Cloning And Green Grass Growing

    Anyone out there that makes their own clones or has grown from clones? How many of you grow grass? Beautiful green grass growing outside in the sun. Or cannabis, pot, weed, marijuana, depending on your name of choice. Would you like to learn more about growing and see a garden? Bud and Breakfast has 420 friendly, cannabis provided, rentals in all our legal states - Where do you want to go today? Pick your state & look & book today. We recommend searching on "cannabis provided" and experimenting with the "distance" setting to narrow down or expand your search.

    Let's take a look at Mystic Roots Recreational Cannabis Ranch and Healing Center in Seaside, Oregon - Read how the owner describes the offerings and lodging:

    Come stay at Mystic Roots Ranch and get the best of everything Oregon has to offer. We are located in the Clatsop State Forest on 5 acres of land, thirty minutes from the ocean and an hour from Portland and Astoria. Enjoy your own private bed/bathroom, back porch with a beautiful view, blackberry patch for picking, slack line, stand up paddle board, bike, fire pit, and a mile hike on-site. Extra camping spots available as well. Serene view and peaceful atmosphere great for the relaxing vacation. Reiki sessions and private yoga classes available upon appointment. Cannabis flower, extracts, and medibles available on-site as well.

    Wow! We wouldn't know what to try first, well.... actually, we do. The homegrown pot! What about you? Look at the listing, contact the owner and book a getaway weekend - by yourself or bring a group, there's plenty of room.

    For those of you who might not know what a "clone" is, it is a young cannabis plant that has been started from a mother plant (which was hopefully, started from seed). Here's a photo of a few that this blogger is growing:

    Bud and Breakfast Cannabis Travel

    Arbor Day - Plant a Tree

    April 28 is Arbor Day! If you can't plant a tree outside, grow one inside. Hemp plants make lovely house plants, I mean trees. Get some grass growing for Arbor Day.

    ICYMI, we have a contest going on our Facebook page - right here - in Jamaica! Bud and Breakfast invites you to list your properties as well. Tell your friends and have them list as well. We're adding more properties daily, internationally as well.

    No "May" be about it, it's time to book your canna-cation!



  • Marijuana Mother's Day - Treat Yours

    Don't tell me you forgot this Sunday is Mother's Day? Eye-roll. Lucky for you it's not too late to find a weekend rental or overnight cannabis friendly lodging. Scroll through our listings, then stop, read and book them. How about this listing in Denver that features "fresh eggs daily". From high to low, near and far, Bud and Breakfast has 420 friendly vacation rentals for you with new ones being added daily. Stop by often!

    Marijuana Themed Mother's Day Ideas

    Does this sound like something your mom would like? I know I would! Start with a lightly medicated brunch with CBD tea, followed by your choice of yoga, painting, crafting, ending the day at the spa with massages. If you're in a legal state, make mom a medicated Mother's Day gift basket with bath bombs, THC lotions and patches for sore knees and shoulders. Include a cannabis cookbook and a sampling of several edibles, including cannabis or hemp coffee. Surprise her with her own plant and gift her a clone! If she's a gardener, you grow them just like tomatoes. Make it a contest the whole family can join in, who can grow the biggest plant. Lastly get her a bouquet of her favorite flowers from the nearest dispensary and enjoy them with her, because after all, that's what moms want the most, time with their children.

    Bud and Breakfast has locations in California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Alaska, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maine and many more US states as well as Europe and the Caribbean. In fact, it's almost easier to say where we don't have listings! Tell your friends or add yours today.


  • Red Rocks Concerts, Cannabis, and You!

    Ahhh.. Red Rocks Amphitheatre, located in Morrison, Colorado, you haven't lived until you've seen a concert there. It's simply stunning. Which brings us to.... our featured Bud and Breakfast rental of the week: Bed/Bath and Bong! Browse through these photos while imagining you and a loved one, or your besties, sitting outside with a nice joint, bottle of wine, listening to waterfalls, flowers blooming while smoking or vaping, some green flowers. If it's chilly you can move to the covered cabana with fire-pit. Perfect.

    Book your vacation now on Bud and Breakfast

    Cannabis friendly vacations Colorado Red Rocks

    This lovely house can be yours - for a week, weekend or month. Plan your visit when your favorite bands will be in town. Set on 1/2 acre horse property, the backyard is both private and very inviting for guests. Close to downtown Denver and an hour to the mountains and outdoor activities. With 2 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms, this house is a great size for 4. There's always something to do in Colorado, come on out!

    This week is National Small Business Week!

    Help support our small business and list your home, or extra space on Bud and Breakfast. We think we're kind of special in the world of cannabis tourism and want you to as well. Choose your property type and next in amenities search for "cannabis provided". No need to shift through listings trying to search on 4/20 friendly or cannabis friendly, all our listings are. Have a spliff and start your stay off on the right foot and in the right mood!

    Keep up to date with all the latest Bud and Breakfast posts, photos and contests by following us on social media. We're on Facebook (look for the photo of our team downtown Denver for 420), Twitter and Instagram. If you have any questions, please let us know. We welcome your listings and your questions.


  • News from Bud and Breakfast - Read these Reviews

    We are pleased and proud to feature these new pieces featuring Bud and Breakfast. Let's start with this interview and article featuring our CEO Sean Roby and entitled, Joints On Your Pillow: The Growing World of Cannabis Tourism written by Tess Allan and published on Civilized.  Next up is this updated piece by Max Taves found on CNET and titled, Airbnb-style Rentals, For Those Who Like a Good Toke. Here's a blurb we really like:

    "And then there's Its name pretty much says it all. By late 2015, the site had about 300 weed-friendly homes, primarily in Colorado, but also in places like Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, New Zealand, the Philippines and, of course, Jamaica. "We have everything from a couch to a castle," says founder and CEO Sean Roby, fresh from visiting homes in Jamaica. "Some listings are $3,000 a night."

    Lastly here's a piece by Rachel Krantz over at Jane St. Journal on 7 Sexy Gifts to Give Yourself this 4/20. Rachel has stayed at at least two of our listings, one in Colorado and one in Portland. Here's her first article on Bud and Breakfast appearing on Bustle - I Stayed At A Bud & Breakfast, And Here's What Happened. 

    Here's the location she stayed at in Colorado - B and B 420 in Denver - imagine your own cottage and free gram to welcome you! Take a look at this listing and book your stay today. In her latest Bud and Breakfast adventure she stayed at Emma's Front Porch in Portland, Oregon, a lovely two bedroom apartment with cannabis provided. The photos Emma has posted are enticing. Enticing enough for you. Book now!

    If you are looking for cannabis friendly, 420 friendly, 420 vacations, weed tourism or really, just want a place where you can smoke, vape or dab without having to stuff a towel around the door, without having to worry about losing a deposit, setting off the fire alarm & my favorite, getting dirty looks from the non-smokers, you'll want to stay at a Bud and Breakfast location. Worldwide locations and growing daily.

    If you want to make some extra cash or get in on the booming cannabis industry, take a look at our offerings and then list your own property!


  • Hop to It! 4/20 Bookings are Going Fast


    Hop over to Bud and Breakfast now to book your 4/20 holiday lodging. Fast like a bunny as it's this Thursday. We have locations in all the happening spots from California to Colorado. What kind of celebration are you looking for? We have lodging for you and your budget. Take a look and book now

    Where's Bud and Breakfast Next?

    Meet the Bud and Breakfast crew at the following locations and events coming up:

    • Cannabis Cuisine Experience - Not just wine country, weed as well - taking place in beautiful Sonoma County, California on Sunday, April 23. Let world-renounded cannabis chef, Miquel Trinidad of 99th Floor, prepare a dinner and weed pairing that you'll never forget. Dab bar as well. Reserve your spot today.
    • Cannabis and Wedding Expo - Happening in San Francisco - April 30th. Spring and Summer bring marriages and celebrations. Our friends from Cannabis Wedding Expo are bringing their expo to California. The event in Colorado was such as success and we are proud to sponsor and support them. After all, wedding guests need places to stay and Bud and Breakfast has locations big enough for the whole bridal party. Make sure to stop by and inquire about how to get your property listed or for a personal recommendation. Head over to YouTube & watch this video from the latest Colorado expo.

    Why isn't 4/20 a National Holiday Yet?

    Let's "Make Cannabis Great Again" and make a new holiday! California hosts the High Times Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino, Colorado has 420 on the Block, Washington D.C. & Washington State, Oregon, Massachusetts, Maine, we have a place for you.  Every year it seems like the parties get bigger & better and happier and happier. Join your friends or better yet, be the event planner and suggest a 4/20 party for your friends.

    If you aren't already (why not?) please follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and watch for your chance to win vacations Bud and Breakfast style.


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