Marijuana Friendly Hosting

How to be a good accommodation host

Be consistent

Offer a consistently great experience for every guest. When people know what they are going to get from you, they will return!

Orientate your guests

Many of the people who come and visit you will be traveling from out of town. With this in mind, help your guests settle in and get orientated by offering advice as to the location of local amenities and attractions. Most towns have tourist maps that are given away for free in tourist centers, it is a nice idea to pick up a couple of these and leave them for guests when they arrive.


It’s an extra touch, and an extra expense, but placing fresh flowers in a room can really spreads the message that you are a host who cares.


If you have pets, make sure that they are either kept well away from the guest accommodation, or that you disclose this information to potential guest who might suffer from allergies.

Keep the space clean

It goes without staying that if a person is paying to stay, the space should be clean and tidy well in advance of their arrival. First impressions mean a lot, and a clean environment is high on the criteria for many guests.

Offer guests security

Peace of mind comes when guests feel that they can trust the security of your accommodation. That is not to say that guests do not leave valuable items in your space at their own risk, but as a host you should do your best to make sure that while guests are staying, they feel that they can trust the premises.

Leave your guests with any information pertaining to emergency contact numbers that they may need. You should also make a first aid kit available, and have all the required fire safety measure in place.

Deliver on your promises

Above all, make sure that your guests get what they were expecting. Your online listing should be a true representative of the reality of your space.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a review

Reviews get views. Industry insights show that customers are much more likely to book an accommodation property which has been reviewed by past guests. Leave a courtesy note for your guests reminding them to log in to the Bud and Breakfast site and write you a review.