Marijuana Friendly Hosting

How to be a good accommodation host

Provide a Great Experience Every Time

Time off can be a rare commodity. Guests want to know that their visit to your 420 friendly lodging will be worth their time and money. Make it a stay to remember, and they’ll join you at your Bud & Breakfast the next time they need marijuana-friendly lodging. From maintaining a spotless space to adding touches like fresh flowers or a gratis gram for each guest, a little extra effort will help your marijuana lodging stand out from other local 420 rentals.

Be a Good Local Guide

While most visitors probably have apps to help them get around town, advice from a local is usually appreciated. Make maps available for those who want or need them, Offer to fill them in on unique or commonly overlooked local attractions – nicety travelers may not find at marijuana hotels.

Be Clear About Pet Policies

Spell out all rules for guests with pets. Include size and breed restrictions, and clearly state the amount required for a pet deposit. Once they arrive, let pet owners know where their furry family members can relieve themselves- and where they’re not allowed, if applicable. In addition, notify all guests if you have any pets on the property.

Provide a Secure Environment

Guests want to know their 420 rentals are safe. Make sure all door and window locks work properly and check smoke alarm batteries regularly. A laminated card with emergency contact info and other details is easy to clean and display, and visitors will feel even more comfortable in their 420 lodging. Make a first-aid kit available for minor cuts, headaches, and other minor emergencies.

Keep It Clean

Although you probably keep your marijuana lodging clean, don’t overlook the little details that might turn guests off. And some visitors may be sensitive to overly strong cleaner or scented items like potpourri and bathroom sprays, so choose an unscented option or one with a mild fragrance when possible.

Ask for Reviews

If you feel your guests were happy with their visit, ask them to write a review of your Bud and Breakfast. Positive guest reviews carry a lot of weight when it comes to competing with your area’s 420 hotels. When browsing listing of marijuana hotels and other 420 rentals, recommendations from satisfied customers can help guide potential guests to your Bud and Breakfast.