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Do you love the idea of using all-natural cannabis to relax at your next vacation destination (or at home) but don’t enjoy the buzz you get from THC? Or maybe you’d prefer to wait until the evening to get high but would still enjoy a calming herb during the day. You probably know that THC-free cannabidiol (CBD) products offer exactly that, but it can be a challenge choosing a brand you trust. You want products that are high quality, dependable, and free from added junk like harmful pesticides and artificial flavors. So where do you start?

CBD Therapy is a company we know and trust for their ethically sourced, small-batch, natural CBD products, including flower, edibles, isolates, topicals, vape oil, and more. Their Colorado-based business offers quality, consistency, and transparency to ensure their customers are getting the very best CBD products available.

CBD Therapy’s quality standards apply to all their products, including their luxurious CBD-infused body care items like CBD isolate and full-spectrum salves and body butters. They are made with all-natural butters, oils, and beeswax that nourish and soothe. Each ingredient is ethically sourced, and only therapeutic grade essential oils are added—never any artificial fragrances, preservatives, or chemicals.

If you want reliable CBD products you can trust, CBD Therapy is your preferred partner in healing and relaxation. Get 20% off their handcrafted, natural CBD products by using code BandB420 now.

*CBD is not a cure or treatment for any medical disorder; it is a potentially beneficial dietary supplement. Consult with your doctor before using CBD products. CBD can interact with some types of medication.*