Cannabis is a fascinating weed with an interesting history. Most people discover that consumption makes them feel more relaxed and less stressed. Because there are a number of different strains of cannabis, and the way in which the individual reacts also differs, it is safe to say that people’s experiences can be very unique.

If you are a first time user, start with a small amount and wait a while before consuming any more. See how you feel and go from there. Even experienced consumers may find that a change in atmosphere or altitude alters the reaction that they have to cannabis, so that is something to keep in mind when traveling—especially if traveling to Colorado or places where the altitude is high.

Tips for responsible and safe cannabis consumption:

Drink lots of water, especially if at high altitude.

Respect others: do not smoke in areas unless you know that smoking is allowed. Pay attention to your surroundings and access if you think it is appropriate for you to be smoking.

Cannabis use by minors is discouraged unless there is a clinical medical reason for it. It is considered inappropriate to give marijuana to children.

Do not be tempted to drive after consuming cannabis, even if you feel as if you are alert enough to do so. There are plenty of options including public transport and cabs. Check out your local Uber/Lyft service.

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