Cannabis Wedding Expo is the leading producer of expositions for cannabis wedding event planners, brides, and related businesses.



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Charlo Greene is a Bud And Breakfast Brand Ambassador.  Charlo fights for freedom and fairness and successfully advocated for legalization of cannabis in Alaska.  Charlo is owner of Alaska Cannabis Club. Watch Charlo Greene & The Puff, Pass, Share Economy



Bill Levin is a Bud And Breakfast Brand Ambassador.  Bill also fights for freedom and fairness and founded The First Church of Cannabis in Indianapolis.   See the church’s Diety Dozen (Twelve not commandments).



Bud And Breakfast seeks to build business opportunities with Partners. Please email [email protected]
We seek:

  • Local tour operators that can show guests amazing dispensaries, grow facilities, edibles kitchens, or other cannabis related ventures.
  • Local tour operators that are fully licensed and insured that will guide our guests on edifying experiences.
  • Local producers of cannabis related products that can be included in guest “welcome baskets.” (No cannabis products with THC content > .3 percent please.)
  • Other creative ideas.