Cannabis Friendly Hosting

Here hosts can find answers to the most frequently asked cannabis accommodations questions. If you are unable to find the answer that you are looking for, please contact us.

How do I register a property?

For a complete step-by-step guide, please go to the “Become a host” page at the bottom of the website.

Does Bud and Breakfast take any registration fee?

There is no charge to register. Feel free to post your description and photos. Hosts are charged 7% commission off of the subtotal when a sale occurs.

How does the guest booking work?

Guests will look for properties by entering a destination to start a search. They can also view the pricing, amenities and any additional information they need before placing a booking request which is provided by the host. Once a guest has selected guest total, dates and placed a booking request the host will be notified via email and SMS messaging. This will nudge them to log into their account and check their Booking Requests. Host may then approve, deny and communicate with the guest for the booking request. If the booking request is denied, the Guest is notified and booking request is cancelled. If the request is approved by the Host the Guest is notified and can proceed with payment by logging into their account and clicking My Trips. The Guest will click the Pay button and submit payment through PayPal. All hosts all paid out the day of check in.

Where are Booking Requests Located?

You will be able to find your recent booking request, upcoming and past bookings by logging into your account and clicking “My Properties”. From there you will see four different tabs to pick. If you have a booking request you would click the “Booking Request” button. From there you can accept deny and communicate with the guest. If you accept a request the guest will be notified and allowed to proceed with payment if they decide to book. A booking is not finalized until payment has been received and a confirmation email is sent off. This is sent out by our Bud and Breakfast team. If a booking request is denied the request will be cancelled and the guest is notified.

What is the guest cancellation policy?

  • Each listing will specify its own cancellation policy, so as the host, this is determined by you.

Bud and Breakfast allows for extenuating circumstances in short term booking cancellations:

  • Death of a family member.
  • Severe illness.
  • Natural disaster.
  • Political unrest in your country.

How does Bud and Breakfast synchronize with VRBO?

VRBO customers can export their calendars to Bud And Breakfast

  1. Sign into your (VRBO) account.
  2. Click Calendar
  3. Click Export Calendar Data.
  4. Copy the URL.
  5. Sign into Bud And Breakfast
  6. Click My Properties
  7. Click Edit
  8. Scroll down to ICAL section near bottom of page
  9. Paste the link into the ICAL link text entry field
  10. Click save
To get Bud And Breakfast changes to VRBO,
  1. Sign into your Bud And Breakfast account.
  2. Click My Properties, then click the Manage Calendar button below the property name.
  3. Copy the .ics link under Export Calendar (PC: right click, “Copy Link”, Mac: control-click, “Copy Link”)
  4. Sign into VRBO
  5. Click Calendar.
  6. Select the correct property.
  7. Click the Import/Export Calendar icon.
  8. Click Import Calendar.
  9. Give the calendar a name.
  10. Select a color to represent the calendar.
  11. Enter the calendar URL.
  12. Select whether the calendar will block availability. (Note: in order to block availability, the event must span at least one night.)
  13. Click Import Calendar.
  14. Click My Listings
  15. Click Calendar button under the property
  16. Paste the link into the ICAL link text entry field
  17. Click Import.

How does Bud and Breakfast synchronize with AirBnB? creating a listing, click My Properties, click Edit and scroll down to the ICAL section near the bottom of the page. Under this section you will be able to paste the AirBnB .ics link as well as VRBO and any other sites you are listed on.

How can I manage calendars on 3 channels?

You can enter up to three different ICAL links from other websites you are listed on. You can do this by logging into your account, clicking My Properties and Edit. Scroll down to the ICAL section and paste.

What additional fees might I charge?

  • Cleaning fee.
  • Extra guest fee.
  • Pet fee.
  • Refundable damage deposit (Collected from guest prior or at check in. Typically via PayPal, check or cash upon arrival)
  • Taxes.
  • Service fee (Bud And Breakfast charges Guest 10%, not including deposit and other fees).

Some of these fees may not apply, all fees that apply are displayed in Booking Information.

*Please note that in the rare event of a double booking based on a hosts mistake, a charge may be applied by Bud and Breakfast on the host to acquire alternative accommodations for the guest. If in doubt, always set your property booking setting to “manual approval”.  Maximum charge to host not to exceed 50% of comparable.

How do I get paid?

Bud and Breakfast send checks out the day the guest checks in to hosts within the US and Pay Pal for International hosts.. This avoids issues that come from last minute cancellations. Payouts are subject to the Bud and Breakfast service fee, we subtract 7% from the subtotal of every booking from our hosts. All Payments are from Taste of Travel.

Are pictures of my space important?

Yes! Never underestimate the benefit of great pictures. Industry insights and analysis shows that hosts who used professionally shot images of their space experience a higher amount of repeat booking than hosts who do not. A good photo can capture the imagination of potential guests, it also means that guests have a better idea of what to expect when they arrive. Your listing’s photo gallery is your opportunity to showcase what you have to offer. Guests are typically looking for images of the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living area.

Are there contracts?

There are no contracts. Guests and hosts are welcome to exchange contracts once a booking is confirmed.

How do I manage the procedure for reservations?

Host may set “Approval Mode” to “Manual” or “Automatic.”

This tab is under Edit and can be changed at any time. Please check the box if the booking requires admin approval/confirmation. Just because you have approved a request doesn’t mean the guest will book. If booking is finalized you will find it in your Upcoming Bookings under My Properties.

Auto Approval Mode

  • Once the guest presses Book Now and checks out via Pay Pal the host and Bud and Breakfast are notified.
  • Bud and Breakfast will contact the host to make sure booking is available and send out confirmation email introducing the host and guest with contact information as soon as confirmation is received from the host.

Manual Approval Mode

  • Once guest places a booking request, Bud And Breakfast and the Host are notified for approval. The guest is notified letting them know they are awaiting confirmation from the host.
  • Host may then approve, deny and communicate with the guest for the booking request. If the booking request is denied, the Guest is notified and booking request is cancelled. If the request is approved by the host the guest is notified and can proceed with payment by logging into their account and clicking My Trips.
  • Once payment is received through Pay Pal a confirmation email will be sent out to the host and guest introducing the host and guest with contact information.