Cannabis Friendly Hosting

Here hosts can find answers to the most frequently asked cannabis accommodations questions. If you are unable to find the answer that you are looking for, please contact us.

How do I register a property?

For a complete step-by-step guide, please go to the “Become a host” page.

Does Bud and Breakfast take any registration fee?

There is no charge to register. Feel free to post your description and photos. Hosts are charged 7% commission off of the subtotal when a sale occurs.

How does the guest booking work?

Guests will look for properties by entering a destination to start a search, or press “View All Properties.” They can also view the prices, and from this they will select places where they wish to stay. Once a guest has selected dates and moved through the booking form, the host will be notified.

What is the guest cancellation policy?

  • Each listing will specify its own cancellation policy, so as the host, this is determined by you.

Bud and Breakfast allows for extenuating circumstances in short term booking cancellations:

  • Death of a family member.
  • Severe illness.
  • Natural disaster.
  • Political unrest in your country.

How does Bud and Breakfast synchronize with VRBO?

VRBO customers can export their calendars to Bud And Breakfast

  1. Sign into your (VRBO) account.
  2. Click Calendar
  3. Click Export Calendar Data.
  4. Copy the URL.
  5. Sign into Bud And Breakfast
  6. Click My Listings
  7. Click Calendar button under the property
  8. Paste the link into the ICAL link text entry field
  9. Click Import.
Click the toggle that says “auto update”. Data will be pulled from VRBO to Bud And Breakfast hourly.
To get Bud And Breakfast changes to VRBO,
  1. Sign into your Bud And Breakfast account.
  2. Click MyListings, then click the Calendar button below the property name.
  3. Copy the .ics link under Export Calendar (PC: right click, “Copy Link”, Mac: control-click, “Copy Link”)
  4. Sign into VRBO
  5. Click Calendar.
  6. Select the correct property.
  7. Click the Import/Export Calendar icon.
  8. Click Import Calendar.
  9. Give the calendar a name.
  10. Select a color to represent the calendar.
  11. Enter the calendar URL.
  12. Select whether the calendar will block availability. (Note: in order to block availability, the event must span at least one night.)
  13. Click Import Calendar.
  14. Click My Listings
  15. Click Calendar button under the property
  16. Paste the link into the ICAL link text entry field
  17. Click Import.

How does Bud and Breakfast synchronize with AirBnB? creating a listing (“Add Your Space”), click My LIstings and click Calendar below the listing. Under the calendar you will see a text entry field to past the AirBnB .ics link and also the Bud And Breakfast link to paste into AirBnB

How can I manage calendars on 3 or more channels?

We share booking info for AirBnB and many other “channels” through CloudBed’s MyAllocator.

Sign up for an account with MyAllocator, add one “room type” which will represent your property. Add more room types if you have multiple rooms. If you have multiple rooms of the same type, a maximum inventory value can be set.
At this point this is your “main calendar”. Add Bud And Breakfast as a channel, and “map” the property in MyAllocator to the property in Bud And Breakfast.
Bookings in any channel (Bud And Breakfast, AirBnB) will update all the other channels. You can also manually block or free your property through MyAllocator interface and those changes are sent.

What is Everbooked Pricing?

Everbooked provides Bud And Breakfast with “dynamic, demand based pricing.” This means fluctuations in demand are accounted for automatically in accommodation pricing.

What additional fees might I charge?

  • Cleaning fee.
  • Extra guest fee.
  • Pet fee.
  • Refundable damage deposit.
  • Taxes.
  • Service fee (Bud And Breakfast charges Guest 10 percent, not including deposit and other fees).

Some of these fees may not apply, all fees that apply are displayed in Booking Information.

* Please note that in the rare event of a double booking based on a hosts mistake, a charge may be applied by Bud and Breakfast on the host to aquire alternative accommodations for the guest. If in doubt, always set your property booking setting to “manual approval”.  Maximum charge to host not to exceed 50% of comparable.

How do I get paid?

Bud and Breakfast will payout to your bank account via direct pay or we can mail you a check after your guest has checked in. This avoids issues that come from last minute cancellations.  Payouts are subject to the Bud and Breakfast service fee, so we subtract 7 percent from the amount that is paid by the guest.

Are pictures of my space important?

Yes! Never underestimate the benefit of great pictures. Industry insights and analysis shows that hosts who used professionally shot images of their space experience a higher amount of repeat booking than hosts who do not. A good photo can capture the imagination of potential guests, it also means that guests have a better idea of what to expect when they arrive. Your listing’s photo gallery is your opportunity to showcase what you have to offer.

Are there contracts?

There are no contracts. Guests and hosts are welcome to exchange contracts once a booking is confirmed.

How do I manage the procedure for reservations?

Host may set “Approval Mode” to “Manual” or “Automatic.”

Auto Approval Mode

  • Once Guest enters billing information, Bud And Breakfast and the Host are notified and Guest receives a “pending” notification.
  • When reservation is invoiced, the credit card is charged and the charge will show as TASTE OF TRAVEL.

Manual Approval Mode

  • Once Guest enters billing information, Bud And Breakfast and the Host are notified and Guest receives a “pending” notification.
  • Host may then approve or disapprove the reservation. If reservation is disapproved, Guest is notified.
  • When reservation is invoiced, the credit card is charged and the charge will show as TASTE OF TRAVEL.