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How does the booking process work?

Enter a location to start a search such as Colorado or California and press Search.You can also enter your Guest Count and Check in & Out Dates to help filter out your search more.

Use the sliding icon to change the radius around the location you chose
Pick a few properties of your choice and place a booking request separately.
When you find the perfect accommodation, under Make a Reservation enter your Guest amount first and then enter your Check In and Check Out dates.
Click the green Place Booking Request button
Review Pricing and press the green Proceed to Checkout button

You will be asked for some additional information and to provide a message to the host. Adding an additional message to the host provides them with information on why you are traveling and some other information about yourself.
Press the green Place Booking Request button
This will send a direct message to the host for them to accept or deny your request based on availability. They can also message you back if they have any questions about your trip. We give hosts 24 hours to reply back. Please contact us at [email protected] for any help through the process.

Payments are not taken from guest until a booking request is approved and the guest logs into their account, clicks My Trips and the Pay button. They will then submit payment via PayPal.
Once payment is received the guest and the host will receive a confirmation email with contact information. Please contact the host as soon as you can for check in information and any questions you might have.

*Note booking outside of the Bud and Breakfast site violates our terms of service and automatically removes all legal responsibility from Bud and Breakfast and/or its affiliates. Stay safe and beware of scams. Bud and Breakfast will never ask you to wire money direct or transfer rental payment outside of our site.

What is the cancellation policy?

Each listing will specify its own cancellation policy.
This fee is kept by Bud and Breakfast on top of the listings cancelation policy:

There is a $25 Cancellation fee added when a refund is sent for bookings under $250
There is a $50 Cancellation fee added when a refund is sent for bookings over $250
There is a $100 Cancellation fee added when a refund is sent for bookings over $1000
Bud and Breakfast allows allows for extenuating circumstances in short term booking cancellations:

Death of a family member.
Severe illness.
Natural disaster.
Political unrest in your country.
Severe Weather Conditions.
If a hosts accommodation has repeated complaints, it is Bud and Breakfasts discretion to disable that listing and offer guest a full refund
If the cancellation falls under these conditions Bud and Breakfast will issue an immediate full refund to the guest unless they have spoken to the host in advance. As a courtesy, the guest has a 3 hour window to cancel after booking. This supersedes all host cancellation policies.

How are Bud And Breakfast accommodations priced?

The host determines the price for their listing, each accommodation will be priced separately. All prices listed are in U.S. currency.

What additional fees might I charge?

Cleaning fee.
Extra guest fee.
Pet fee.
Refundable damage deposit (NOT COLLECTED BY BUD AND BREAKFST. Collected between guest and host prior or at check in. Typically via PayPal, check or cash upon arrival).
Service fee (Bud And Breakfast charges guest 10%, not including deposit and other fees).
Some of these fees may not apply, all fees that apply are displayed to the guest and the host when a Booking Request is placed and when a booking is complete.

Are taxes paid?

Local or other taxes may be added to the total, depending on the host’s preference.

Can I tell if the room is private or dorm style?

Yes, look at the “Description” and “Details” tab once you have selected a property.

Can I contact the host?

All communication is done through our system prior to booking. Guests are not allowed to send their phone number or email address to the host before a booking is made. Same applies to the host as this is against Bud and Breakfast policy. You can find all messages by logging into your account and going to your message folder. All booking requests are under My Trips as a guest. Once a booking has been placed you will be sent a confirmation email with your hosts contact information. Please contact your host immediately for check in information and questions.

Are there contracts?

There are no contracts. Guests and hosts are welcome to exchange contracts once a booking is confirmed.

How does the host get paid?

Payment is sent to the host the day the guest checks in. This avoids issues that come from last minute cancellations.

What is the procedure for reservations?

Host may set Approval Mode to Manual or Automatic.

Auto Approval Mode

Once the guest presses Book Now and checks out via Pay Pal the host and Bud and Breakfast are notified.
Bud and Breakfast will contact the host to make sure booking is available and send out confirmation email introducing the host and guest with contact information as soon as confirmation is received from the host.

Manual Approval Mode

Once guest places a booking request, Bud And Breakfast and the Host are notified for approval. The guest is notified letting them know they are awaiting confirmation from the host.
Host may then approve, deny and communicate with the guest for the booking request. If the booking request is denied, the Guest is notified and booking request is cancelled. If the request is approved by the host the guest is notified and can proceed with payment by logging into their account and clicking My Trips.

Once payment is received through Pay Pal a confirmation email will be sent out to the host and guest introducing the host and guest with contact information.