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lllinois recently became the 11th state to legalize marijuana for recreational use, and this is great news for any bud lovers looking to visit the thriving city of Chicago, because the law went into effect January 1st, 2020. Whether you’re keen to ogle the Art Deco buildings that make up The Windy City’s gorgeous skyline, you’re hankering for some Chicago-style hot dogs and deep-dish pizza, or you’re ending your summertime Route 66 road trip with a stopover at Wrigley Field for a ball game, you can’t go wrong with a Chicago marijuana friendly rental that lets you relax to the max while you take in the best of the city.

Any vacation revolves around two main activities: sightseeing and downtime. With the right Illinois cannabis rental, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Bud and Breakfast is pleased to offer a variety of weed-friendly vacation rentals that are sure to meet your high expectations when you visit Chicago.

Comfort, Convenience, and Cannabis Your Perfect Chicago 420 Rental

Although it’s sometimes referred to as the Second City, after New York, the Big Apple has nothing on Chicago when it comes to canna-culture. What you’re sure to find, when you start perusing the Chicago 420 rental options on Bud and Breakfast, is that one name pops up over and over: High Society BnB.

The BnB stands for Beds and Buds, and these properties are owned and operated by Bianca and Tad, founders of artisanal smokable hemp brand SOCIETY. This should tell you something about their dedication to offering a one-of-a-kind vacation rental experiences designed for the 420 crowd.

All of their current Chicago cannabis rental properties are located in the hip Wicker Park neighborhood, known for spectacular dining, plenty of entertainment, and lively nightlife that includes trendy bars and music clubs. In short, you won’t have to go far to find fun when you choose a High Society BnB.

The 1R – Boho Suite sleeps up to five with two queen beds and two futons, and you’re sure to enjoy the kitchen skylights and a patio made for entertaining. The Unit 2 property sleeps up to six in two bedrooms and features a newly renovated bathroom. Finally, there’s the 1F property that sleeps up to eight with a total of five beds and two futons. It also features two floors of living space, including a living room on each floor, so it’s ideal for a larger group.

These properties are all centrally located in Wicker Park, with easy access to desirable areas like downtown Chicago, Lincoln Park, and Wrigleyville. What the puff-puff-pass crowd is sure to love even more, however, are the marijuana-friendly amenities.

Although smoking cigarettes indoors isn’t allowed, using marijuana indoors is part of the deal when you book a High Society BnB. Even better, Bianca and Tad leave every guest the gift of SOCIETY hemp flower to enjoy during their stay, and you’ll find some smoking accessories in each High Society property, for your convenience.

Looking for a more traditional BnB experience with 420 flair?’ Perhaps the Aldrich House is more your speed.’ There are five gorgeous guest rooms (here’s a sample with Room 1), all featuring a queen-sized bed and a loveseat for two, as well as a private attached bathroom.’ Each room is designed to accommodate 1-2 guests

The best thing about staying at a traditional BnB is the second ‘B’ breakfast, which is served daily and included with your stay. You and other guests can also enjoy complementary drinks every evening, along with non-alcoholic beverages and homemade cookies available round-the-clock.’ As for cannabis consumption, there is dedicated space in the ‘Potting’ Shed, which includes comfortable furnishings, heat/AC, a snack bar, a TV for streaming videos, and plenty of room for all 420 guests.

Your Premier Chicago Cannabis Rental with Bud and Breakfast

There’s no shortage of Illinois marijuana friendly rental properties around Chicago, but you won’t find them on just any vacation rental website.’ If you’re into cannabis tourism, Bud and Breakfast is the perfect platform to connect you with like-minded proprietors that not only condone your activities, but encourage and facilitate them.

When you’re planning a trip to Chicago and you want to take full advantage of the newly enacted laws legalizing recreational marijuana consumption, the last thing you need is a property that penalizes you for partaking. With Bud and Breakfast, you’ll always find suitable accommodations and pot-friendly properties that raise the bar on hospitality.

After all, Bud and Breakfast is the very first worldwide cannabis-friendly vacation rental site, and we want to make sure you enjoy high times, wherever your travels take you. With more and more states legalizing marijuana for recreational use, our list of properties continues to expand, and we’re pleased to feature several vacation rental properties in and around the Chicago area for travelers to hang their hats and take their hits.

Illinois Marijuana Friendly Rental Properties

It’s important to note that there are still strict limits to the amount of flower, concentrate, and THC-infused edibles and tinctures you’re allowed to possess in Illinois, especially as a visitor.’ So long as you keep the legal parameters in mind, you can definitely enjoy a canna-tastic trip to take in the jazz and blues scene, sample beer at local breweries, and shop the Magnificent Mile.

While Illinois residents can legally possess up to 30 grams (about 1 ounce) of cannabis flower, 5 grams of concentrate, and cannabis-infused products (edibles, tinctures, etc.) with up to 500 mg of THC, out-of-state visitors are only allowed half these amounts, so carry responsibly. Cannabis can be legally imbibed on private property and in certain cannabis-related businesses, which is why it’s so important to find an Illinois 420 rental that accommodates your activities.

While several cannabis-friendly properties have sprung up around Chicago in just the few weeks since marijuana became legal for recreational use, the vast majority of vacation rentals aren’t advertised as being amenable to this pastime. When you book a stay in Chicago through Bud and Breakfast, you’ll find the premium vacation rentals that not only let you experience this great city at the local level, but that recognize and celebrate cannabis culture.

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