Bud and Breakfast Philadelphia; the 1st All Inclusive BnB and Healing Center in the City


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There’s a feeling of peace when you enter The Healing Care Vortex Center in West Philadelphia; if feelings could speak, the feeling I speak of would say: “all I have to do is show up”. And it’s true, in this west Philly bud and breakfast, guests can just land in Philly and grab their luggage. 

With the right package, from the moment you are picked up, you don’t need to worry about anything else; The Healing Care Vortex Center can provide all-inclusive accommodations infused with love and cannabis. 

I had the pleasure of being the first guest to check in and experience this beautiful place. This wasn’t my first experience in the city of brotherly love, or with the owners of the center; however, it was my first experience at an all inclusive bud and breakfast in Philadelphia, where I was fed a blend of vegan plates and desserts infused with cannabis.

Philadelphia, The City of Brotherly Love

Philadelphia, Philly, The Quaker City, The City of Brotherly love; Philadelphia is Pennsylvania’s largest city, and has a rich history. The Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed in Philadelphia, the iconic “Rocky” steps are at the Philadelphia Museum of Art , and the city was also a huge stop on the Underground Railroad. 

West Philly is a diverse and mostly residential area that was once farmland. It is considered an area of the city that attracts Millenials and “bohemian” culture. Before this, West Philly was farmland.

Eating in and Around West Philadelphia

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If you are vegan and choose one of the inclusive packages, you won’t have to worry about where to eat (important note- continental breakfast is included with each stay; hot and infused offerings are available with a package). The Healing Care Vortex Center can take care of brunch, dinner, and some snacks in between, but those that want a blend of foods and experiences will have no problem finding it in West Philly.

People visiting the city of brotherly love that want to support small and family owned businesses will find plenty in West Philly. Rediscover West Philly says: “West Philadelphia’s culinary scene is one of the most eclectic and robust in Philadelphia, with a mix of family-owned and signature restaurants run by renowned local and national chefs. Discover a selection of can’t-miss restaurants we love.”

About The Healing Care Vortex Center

The 3 level space with brick walls, hard floors, scent of cookies baking, relaxing energy, and warm welcome was everything I needed after a delayed flight from Miami. The main level holds the work space, the living room, the kitchen, the laundry space, and a half bathroom. Access to the fenced in backyard is located in between the laundry and bathroom. 

Upstairs there are 3 bedrooms- 2 are bud and breakfast spaces and a full bathroom. The Sunflower Suite is decorated with sunflowers in mind, and faces east, making for a beautiful kiss from the sun in the mornings.

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The basement is under soft construction to be turned into a yoga and meditation space. The Healing Care Vortex Center is very focused on wellness and healing in various ways, cannabis is one of those ways, but not the only. 

Guests can ask to be booked for a range of wellness services like massages and personal yoga sessions. Guests can also ask about including/experiencing the cannabis cooking classes, events in the area, a 420 friendly Philly tour, and hanging out at a cannabis social lounge to vibe with locals (some of the dopest!)

Those in or around Philly that don’t need sleep accommodations but want to come and experience the center most certainly can. You can discuss “day trip” like options with the center.

My Experience at Philadelphia’s First All Inclusive Bud and Breakfast

I stated earlier that this wasn’t my first experience with the owners. Sunflower is one of my favorite people in cannabis; we have done some dope things in this industry together. A year ago, she told me about this place. She said that she would open up a vegan friendly 420 center, focused on wellness and healing, which would also be a bud and breakfast.

When I walked into The Healing Care Vortex Center, I realized immediately that the vision was now a reality. This place is exactly what Sunflower said it would be and I loved it!

The open kitchen welcomed me over to enjoy a spread of fruits, vegetables, crackers, cheeses, infused brownies, CBD infused lemonade (provided by Hygh Maintenance Society who partners with the center in interior design, and to provide add on products and services), and bean salads.

Photo: The Healing Care Vortex Center

I love Philly, it feels like a celebration everytime I visit. This time it was the same but it was an actual celebration for me; Sunflower and her team opening yet another West Philadelphia gem! I feasted on Sunflowers Space Cakes creations, and enjoyed the company of Sunflower, Cannavibezz Media, and Hygh Maintenance Society.

That night, Sunflower made a delicious infused dinner that sent me off to my suite as if I was floating on a cloud. In my suite, a jar of beautiful cannabis flower that comes with each booking, a comfortable bed for 2, fresh and fluffy towels and washcloths, a TV, and peace. 

The next day, Sunflower made brunch and I spent the day binge watching a series from the living room, in a cozy corner on the large sectional. I enjoyed the energy, laughs (Sunflower is naturally hilarious), and the scent of Sunflower baking space cakes. 

On day 3, Sunflower held a talent showcase under her music label, Sunflower Spacecakes Records, at Seri Phi Studios. Guests checked in have access to these types of events and I was glad to experience this. Such amazing talent in the city of Philly!

I was able to smoke in my suite, in the living room, in the kitchen, outside in the front, outside in the back, in the bathroom- wherever I wanted to light up I could! I recommend checking in and experiencing this amazing place!Check out this video and when you’re ready to book, head over to bud and breakfast.

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