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Want to go on the ultimate cannabis lover’s vacation?  California’s Emerald Triangle has been the epicenter of cannabis cultivation and culture in the US for more than 50 years. The Emerald Triangle consists of counties: Humboldt, Trinity, and Mendocino and is known as the largest cannabis-producing region in the country. The triangle-shaped region is home to some of the world’s best and most experienced cannabis cultivators.

In California and their Emerald Triangle, cannabis is woven through every element of society and it is like no place else on earth as far as the depth of importance of cannabis in the community. Judi Nelson with Sol Spirit Retreats says:  

“For many decades, the emerald’s culture was fairly inaccessible to outsiders, both because of the distance from any major city and an inherent need to protect farms from discovery and law enforcement.  Now, with the advent of legalization, the area is emerging as the best place for cannabis lovers to have an exciting and inspiring vacation. What Napa is to wine tourists, the Emerald Triangle is to weed tourists.” 

For those that have goals of a visit out to the triangle to witness cannabis plants growing in the Cali soil under the Cali sun, the “Emerald Triangle Revealed Tour” may be of interest to you.


My Experience Touring California’s Emerald Triangle


I haven’t experienced this tour, but I toured the Emerald Triangle in 2021. I visited all of the counties that make the emerald triangle, met some of the industry’s legacy people and businesses, sat down with legacy cultivators, had dinner with women leading the way in cannabis, and had an overall beautiful experience. One of my experiences was a stay at a Bud and Breakfast; Sol Spirit Retreats. This place along with Sol Spirit Farms was a beautiful learning and relaxation experience. 

The triangle gets the “Murder Mountain” stigma smothered all over it, but it shouldn’t. I was welcomed, elevated, and supported before, during, and after the week-long tour that was led by my tour guide, Humboldt Grace. While it may be hard to believe, the people of the emerald are colorful- a BIPOC community does exist. And, sure the emerald is in California’s massive mountains, but developed cities, towns, and villages are found within those mountains. 

Getting to the emerald triangle can seem like a chore. The closest international airport is at least a couple of hours away but there are regional airports that can get you much closer, even directly to the triangle. I took the scenic route and traveled from Las Vegas by car, but other options to look into: bus and train. 


Experience the Emerald Triangle Like a Local, the Emerald Triangle Revealed Tour


The next tour happens July 22– July 27. The details and itinerary for the tour can be found by scanning the QR code (the QR code in the cover image) and/or visiting the Sol Spirit Retreat website


                                                       Vee, learning about Humboldt County, from True Humboldt

In Closing

Here’s a sneak peek at the first 2 days out of the 5 of the Emerald Triangle Reveal Tour:

Day 1  July 22nd:  Arrive at Inn of the Lost Coast (check in time 4pm)

Hosted cocktail hour and dinner with Johnny and Rose of Huckleberry Hill Farm at Gyppo Mill restaurant in Shelter Cove

Day 2  July 23rd:  Breakfast in Shelter Cove

Guided redwoods tour, Picnic Lunch, Farm Tour, Catered Dinner and lots more! 


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