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The midwest is gaining speed in their embrace of cannabis and cannabis culture. Missouri, is a medical cannabis state that has been getting a lot of attention, especially as big names in the industry open locations in and around St. Louis. 

This was my second time visiting the St. Louis cannabis community but, this time was my first time at a cannabis friendly BnB. It’s a 2 bedroom apartment, with separate living and dining spaces, a full kitchen, a deck, and a dedicated work space. 

It’s a great location for work, pleasure, couples, and/or groups and I spent 5 days enjoying the space. My experience is detailed below, but first, here’s a little insight on St. Louis.

About St. Louis, MO

St. Louis is the 2nd largest city in Missouri, sits along the Mississippi River, and is home to the Gateway Arch. They say the best time to visit St. Louis is April- September. I imagine it’s because these are the spring and summer months, Missouri’s winters aren’t light and mild.

Both of my visits were in September, and though not planned this way, the same week of September. This visit was an anniversary visit. I met the BnB hosts on the first trip, and they were my reason to visit again.They opened their cannabis friendly BnB so, of course I had to come back!  Anywho, I like the temperatures in September; I can feel fall in the morning and at night, but summer is still present in the days. 

Things to do in St. Louis include: Gateway Arch Park, City Museum, Missouri Botanical Garden, and the St. Louis Art Museum. The vibe of the city to me is like, midwest with a southern twist. Many visit St. Louis to capture this vibe and to get wrapped up in the culture of the city, which is filled with: unique architecture, athletics, music, and food. 

The 420 STL Getaway

Photo Credit: STL 420 Getaway

This cannabis friendly BnB is located on the south side of the city, and located close enough to everything to see and do. It’s a downstairs unit but don’t let that scare you. Those that occupy the top level are quiet and really respectful of quiet hours. I like it quiet and I had no complaints. 

The unit is huge! It’s a 2 bedroom apartment with hard floors, laundry in the basement, central AC, and a fenced in backyard. It is a great space for work, play, work groups, and families. The kitchen is equipped with pots, pans, forks, spoons, microwave, and coffeemaker. 

Smoking cannabis is allowed inside, but the hosts ask that cigars/cigarettes be consumed outside. 

My Experience at 420 STL Getaway

Photo of Rooted Buds Chef by Dr. C’s POV

Because I visited St. Louis before and experienced my tour guide taking me all around the city on that trip, I wanted to stay in and relax on this trip. The space was comfortable for rest, visits, and work. I spent the first day inside all day. I binged watched a show, watched a movie, and ordered in.

I spent mornings on the deck because I like to have my first smoke with the rise of the sun. 

Though the unit is on the first floor, when sitting on the deck, it’s technically the 2nd floor because of the basement. The deck is located in the back, off the kitchen; and because the yard is fenced in, I had optimal privacy. 

I love eating with Rooted Buds, and this time was no different. My first time experiencing their creations was on my first visit to St. Louis, and just like the BnB hosts, it was an anniversary visit with Rooted Buds as well. 

These local chefs and caterers show up and out in the kitchen, making vegan creations that even meat lovers would be happy to eat. They create infused meals, condiments, and beverages and on this trip, I experienced them all. Guests checked into the 420 STL Getaway can book Rooted Buds to come cook for them. I recommend them!

As for cannabis, MO is a medical only state, so those traveling from other parts of MO and have a medical cannabis card can obtain cannabis. For visitors outside of the state, there are a lot of smoke shops with lots of hemp/CBD products. Looking for a cannabis event or a 420 experience while in the area? Check out Super Sanchez. 

Check out this sneak peek of my walk through in the space and when you’re ready, head over to Bud and Breakfast to book your stay. 

Thank you to my journey to St. Louis sponsors:

  • Vaycay, offering a premium line of hemp/CBD/ D8 products.
  • Greencore Specialty Insurance, offering insurance protection for your cannabis business.

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