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Recently I checked in and reviewed a Daytona Beach bud and breakfast. This time, I checked in, in the vicinity but a little south of Daytona Beach in Port Orange. Not the ocean, but a port, and the location sits right on Rose Bay, on the eastern side of Port Orange. 

I recently posted on social media and was surprised by the response of everyday smokers, who actually like to smoke outside, even if they are allowed to inside. To me, a bud and breakfast meant that cannabis was welcomed in her entirety, allowing smoking all over. 

I realized from reading the responses in that post that I wasn’t doing right by the entire cannabis community by being selective. At this Central Florida BnB, cannabis is celebrated and loved, but smoking is not allowed inside. Keep reading to find out why that wasn’t a problem for me.

About Daytona Beach, Port Orange, and Rose Bay

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I included the trio because everyone will have different reasons to explore around the BnB, I mean, if you can get yourself to leave (more on that later). Daytona Beach sits on the east coast of central Florida, the same coast as Miami and Jacksonville; Miami is way south, Jacksonville is way north, and Daytona Beach is in the middle. It’s home to: HBCU Bethune Cookman University, Daytona International Speedway, and is considered the mecca for racing enthusiasts. 

Port Orange is part of the Deltona–Daytona Beach–Ormond Beach metropolitan area. Things to do in the area include: relaxing, boat rides, golf courses, historic sites, and museums. This area see’s a lot of campers and RV’s, and gives all the feels of small town and quaint. Rose Bay’s most gorgeous attraction in my opinion is… Rose Bay. It’s a majestic body of water that see’s jumping fish, dolphins, tropical birds, manatees, crabs, and oyster beds. 

In the area, people get around by bike, car, and boat; and boat may be the best way! There are restaurants in the area that have boat parking and gas stations right there in the water. Water is life in this area, people anchor their boats and jump out and set up their kick back in the water, especially when the tide is low. You’ll see and hear boats, kayak’s, and jet skis and see beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Bud and Breakfast on the Waterfront: Bayshore by BauHouses

This cannabis friendly BnB seems really secluded, like a private island away from the city, where the birds and squirrels can be heard, where the jumping fish can be seen and heard, and where dolphins can be seen passing by multiple times a day. 

The house is a 1950s boho home, lots of open space and windows. It has a full bedroom, a full kitchen, living room, dining room, laundry room, a screened-in and fully covered lanai, a back deck, and a rooftop that is currently under construction.

There is a lot of greenery surrounding the property outside and there are lots of plants inside and throughout the deck and lanai. There is lots of privacy from neighbors due to the nature living and spreading throughout the area. The owners thought of everything to ensure that this place feels like a home away from home.

My Experience at Bayshore by BauHouses

Photo of living room and breakfast nook, by Vee

This place is majestic. I found no reason to leave but one that I’ll tell you about soon. I checked in and walked into the lanai and instantly smiled with excitement. I mean for me, smoking outside means make it comfortable. It’s annoying to have to smoke in extreme heat and/or cold, fighting rain and/or snow, when consuming medicine to treat conditions that these outside could elements flare. 

Truly a cannabis friendly lodging experience;  BauHouses made sure that smokers feel comfortable as well by having a big screened in and covered lanai with comfortable seating, tables, lighting, plants, and candles… overlooking that gorgeous bay! I was happy out there for hours. 

I didn’t get out much because I just didn’t see the need. I had Instacart deliver groceries and instead of eating out, I cooked. The kitchen is a beauty and I wanted to be in there anyway. The owners equipped the kitchen with absolutely everything needed to make a full meal, seasons as well, and infused coconut oil and flour for those that like to have meals with a happy ending. 

I didn’t need to leave for morning coffee either because that was provided, both infused options and not, and infused honey to sweeten it with. They even had some infused vodka for guests to try; they thought of everything!

I woke up to blunts and sunrises, went to bed with blunts and sunsets, spent the days in the living room, or lanai, or back deck, overlooking Rose Bay, and the activity of the wildlife that lives in it. I didn’t turn the TV on once, the sounds of the bay were too magical to block. On my last full day there, I was taken on a boat ride: Bud N Boat tour. It was one of the best experiences of the summer! I saw Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, and Port Orange by water, making stops at Disappearing Island, exploring a bay front restaurant, and learning about life in those waters and those that surround it.

Photo of dolphin passing, by Vee

This place is amazing! I loved how they thought of everything. It absolutely felt like a home that I could live in and write beautiful content! I can’t wait to get back and experience that rooftop deck and maybe next time, take a kayak out. 

To book your stay, head over to the Bud and Breakfast site.

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