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Mi tierra: Miami, FL, the prettiest city in the south; you never have to leave Miami to reach paradise. She sits ‘in’ the Atlantic Ocean on the east, and is the only place in this country where tropical and subtropical forests exist. She is so majestic that she is ranked one of the top cities in the world over and over again. It’s an honor to be a woman that was born, raised, and gets to write about the one place in this country where the whole world can be found.

I came home after 122 days on the island of Puerto Rico to celebrate my birthday week at home, and I checked in and stayed in a beautiful Bud and Breakfast known as the Crypto Cabana. A 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house equipped with everything you need to have a wonderful cannabis friendly Miami vacation. 

About Miami, Florida

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Miami sits at the bottom of Florida: the 3rd largest state in the country and the 3rd largest cannabis market in the country. The city of Miami is less than 35 miles from the Everglades, less than 250 miles from the country of Cuba, and less than 200 miles from the Bahamas. And visiting Miami means visiting all of these places and the rest of the islands known as the Caribbean; you never have to leave Miami to have a Caribbean island vacation. 

There is no such thing as winter in Miami, everyday can be a beach day, and every meal could be from another place in the world. Most people visit Miami and explore majestic sites and places like: South Beach, Downtown, Wynwood, and my favorite place on earth: Bayside Marketplace. Also worth exploring: Little Haiti, Little Havana, Riverwalk, and Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. 

The Crypto Cabana

Photo: by C’s POV

This cabana is a full house with: 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, full kitchen and dining room, with the convenience of paying with crypto, as well as the opportunityto collect NFTs during your stay. The cabana is cannabis friendly, and great for groups and/or large families. 

This Miami bud and breakfast is a bring your own cannabis type of rental (Florida is a medical cannabis state, not yet recreational), and the hosts provide a local guide to help those staying there navigate the city and help create memorable experiences.


My Experience at the Crypto Cabana

Photo: Dr. C’s POV

I had a great time and magical experience staying in this space with a small group of great people. Everyone had a bedroom, a bathroom, and plenty of space to mingle, and/or find solitude. 

We used the kitchen to create delicious vegan meals, the table to set up the buffet style dining, the living room to kick back and have great conversation while eating edibles that we laid out on the coffee table, and we were even able to do laundry before checking out because the Crypto Cabana has a washer and dryer. 

The location is great, the space is massive, and the vibes offer relaxation. Your next Miami vacation should be a cannabis friendly one. Check out this sneak peek of my time spent celebrating and vibing, and when you’re ready, head over to Bud and Breakfast to book your stay.

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