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Marijuana Travel and Cannabis Tourism News

Huff Post Live -  Charlo Greene & The Puff, Pass, Share Economy 

          Charlo Greene talks about quitting her live televison job in the middle of a broadcast, and then about why marijuana tourism is so important to her. 

Business Recorder - Is Marijuana Legalization Going to Bring an End to the Racial Descriminaiton in the USA

          An interesting take on what the legalization of cannabis and marijuana tourism will do for the US economy, and how that will effect the high levels of racial descrimination seen in America. Article points out that the states that have been more open to cannabis are already the ones with the lower minority levels.           

AOL, 7News - Boulder's Bud and Breakfast 

The Denver Channel - Bud and Breakfast is an online booking site connecting marijuana tourists with weed-friendly lodging

The Guardian - Inside Bud and Breakfast the Airbnb of Marijuana Tourism 

BroBible - Bud and Breakfast 

USA Today - 420 Pot Holiday

USA Today - Marijuana Hotels in Colorado

USA Today - Denver Marijuana Tourism  

Travel Pulse - Bud and Breakfast for Marijuana Tourists