We are pleased and proud to feature these new pieces featuring Bud and Breakfast. Let’s start with this interview and article featuring our CEO Sean Roby and entitled, Joints On Your Pillow: The Growing World of Cannabis Tourism written by Tess Allan and published on Civilized.  Next up is this updated piece by Max Taves found on CNET and titled, Airbnb-style Rentals, For Those Who Like a Good Toke. Here’s a blurb we really like:

“And then there’s BudandBreakfast.com. Its name pretty much says it all. By late 2015, the site had about 300 weed-friendly homes, primarily in Colorado, but also in places like Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, New Zealand, the Philippines and, of course, Jamaica. “We have everything from a couch to a castle,” says founder and CEO Sean Roby, fresh from visiting homes in Jamaica. “Some listings are $3,000 a night.”

Lastly here’s a piece by Rachel Krantz over at Jane St. Journal on 7 Sexy Gifts to Give Yourself this 4/20. Rachel has stayed at at least two of our listings, one in Colorado and one in Portland. Here’s her first article on Bud and Breakfast appearing on Bustle – I Stayed At A Bud & Breakfast, And Here’s What Happened. 

Here’s the location she stayed at in Colorado – B and B 420 in Denver – imagine your own cottage and free gram to welcome you! Take a look at this listing and book your stay today. In her latest Bud and Breakfast adventure she stayed at Emma’s Front Porch in Portland, Oregon, a lovely two bedroom apartment with cannabis provided. The photos Emma has posted are enticing. Enticing enough for you. Book now!

If you are looking for cannabis friendly, 420 friendly, 420 vacations, weed tourism or really, just want a place where you can smoke, vape or dab without having to stuff a towel around the door, without having to worry about losing a deposit, setting off the fire alarm & my favorite, getting dirty looks from the non-smokers, you’ll want to stay at a Bud and Breakfast location. Worldwide locations and growing daily.

If you want to make some extra cash or get in on the booming cannabis industry, take a look at our offerings and then list your own property!



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