Cannabis Travel News Spring 2021

Guess what business is about to take off? Cannabis travel, including tours and activities. Activities? Like what, you ask? Farm tours, classes in cannabis cuisine, spa and wellness treatments, hiking, mountain biking. Endless possibilities, but to be the first, the time is now. Be the first to list an activity, or become a host.

A Question For You

Since you’re here, what would you like to have if you were staying at a Bud and Breakfast? Hammock on a beach with weed on demand? Access to music festivals and concerts? Yoga classes? Dab bars and beer? Just to be left alone and get high AF? Join the fastest growing cannabis sector with Bud and Breakfast. Strap in and buckle up, cannabis travel is going up.

Our Cannabis Travel News

It’s Spring of 2021 and we’ve added Activities listings where you can find and book activities OR list yours for free but as always cannatravel doesn’t have to involve any activities at all besides deciding what strain to smoke and when. Cannabis all-inclusives are so relaxing; you can smoke or vape, consume, or dab from your morning coffee to when you shut your eyes. As much as you want, as often as you want. We highly recommend them! Plan to travel soon. 

Hosts Offering Activities Onsite

Are you a Bud and Breakfast host? We’d like to be able to feature you in the next Cannabis Travel News blog. Link your activities directly to your listing and they will show up in three places, when someone finds your listing, looks for activities or lands on other properties. If you need suggestions on how to amplify your online presence, please reach out for suggestions. 

Stay and play in Negril, Jamaica 

Negril is known for the 7 mile beach, high prices and cannabis tourism. Here’s a unique opportunity to for you. INI RastaRant and Camp Spot. Go rustic. Go camping, borrow a tent, sleep feet from the ocean. The host is easy to contact and has a cottage as well. Arrange for all your meals infused. Vegan. Authentic Rastafarian. Tours and activities? They have them. Snorkeling, Fishing, Farms, Hiking, Biking, Waterfalls, Beaches, Ganja….Working with Legendary local, RastaMan Kyng Sharlo to take you places, teach and show you things others can’t. Visit Bob Marley’s retreat in Little Bay, tour caves, farms and some lots and lots of ganja. Greenfaith Ministry a branch of House of Rastafari Nyahbinghi; 12 Tribes Judah, ONAC & Universal Life Church maintains and runs both properties. This is truly a unique and rare opportunity, not available through any big All-Inclusive chain.

INI RastaRant Camping Negril Jamaica Bud and Breakfast ganja INI RastaRant Camp Bud and Breakfast host activity Jamaica Negril Rastafarian States Unique activity INI RastaRant Camp Bud and Breakfast Jamaica Negril

Washington, DC – Canna-Cape Cod All-Inclusive 

Queen size bed private room, infused food cuisine and chef, weed provided. Have some fun in DC, besides visiting the Smithsonian. Here’s our Canna-Cape Cod host:

“Get ready for Cannabis And Cuisine! I’m just a modern day Hippie, growing my own herbs and living on my own terms! The Hostess with the Mostest!!! Your favorite Stonerd (an activity) offering Extensive knowledge on Cannabis, your bodies needs and strain selection. Hostess is always on the premises but guest get full run of the first level. Master suite, kitchen, indoor lounge, outdoor lounge, hammocks, Fire pit, and 80 inch projector screen. All Meals prepared by hostess with infused option, snacks and drinks included! A fully stocked Alcohol and Flower bar provided with exquisite daily wine and terpene tastings. Cannabis infused Hookah, Vape, Bong, lighters, and ashtrays provided!”

Sound good? For those that don’t want to stay overnight, your hostess offers both canna-cuisine catered dinners with fresh flowers and “killer pre-rolls” and a Stonerds Day Trip – infused meal, snacks, weed, learn how to pick strains, roll joints, or cannabutter and sugar. Talk with the hostess and make it special for you. Great couple getaway

Canna-Cape Cod, Washington DC

Can I Add Cannabis Tourism Activities Without Hosting? 

Yes! You will, of course, have to be licensed for your city, state, but activities can include, cooking classes, educational classes in terpenes and cannabinoids, hikes, grow opportunities, yoga, massages. If you have any questions, we’re here to help, ask us. New activity only listings include: 

Getting physical in Durango, Mexico with Legal Cannabis Mexico. Bike the Garabitos Bike Park, a world renowned mountain bike park. Catch some air! While there is no cannabis provided, the leaders of this activity are experts Mexican laws around cannabis. Make a few laps in the park and then plan your Bud and Breakfast in Mexico, get that cannabis tourism first. Beautiful spots, clear water, diving, and grow your own weed. You’ll be ready to launch, with all your papers in order, when Mexico goes 100% adult use. 


Bike park Durango Mexico Experience Guide Limousine Bud and Breakfast 420-friendly rental


Coming to visit Denver and surrounding areas? Rent a 420-friendly stretch limo from Experience Guide for 12 for $99 an hour. Perfect for trips to Red Rocks, dispensary cruising, party nights on the town, graduation and wedding parties. Or live large, get picked up and dropped off at Denver International Airport. 


Next up – Cannabis Travel News Early Summer

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