How To Plan A 420-Friendly Vacation

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Hello, and welcome cannabis curious, weed traveler to be. Today we are sharing 5 of our best tips on, “How to Plan A 420-Friendly Vacation”. Here’s how it goes: 

First, visit our webpage and look around. Second, head back over here for the 5 bulleted “How To’s” – very short, concise answers, all in one place & all the information you need to plan your first 420-Friendly, weed-friendly vacation. Lodging and lots of buds, just for you. 


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Are you ready for the top 5 BEST Answers to  “How To Plan A 420-Friendly Vacation”? 


  • Decide Where To Go

Where do you want to go for the weed available? North to Alaska? South to Uruguay? East to Italy? or West to Hawaii? Search for “cannabis provided” on our website for ideas. 

North to Alaska

  • Stay in cabins by a lake, near a nature park; Maybe you’ll see a moose or catch the world’s largest salmon. Locations in Canada, if Alaska is too far away. 

South to Uruguay. 

  • We have new listings in Uruguay, bringing our total up to sixteen. Stay in old-town Montevideo or a block from the beach. If you’re facing a summer of over 90 degree days, head to Uruguay in our summer for their winter, the average temperatures for July, August and September 52 to 57 degrees Fahrenheit. Give us a review of their pot. 

West to Hawaii 

  • Southwest has cheap flights now and the temperature and clear waters of Hawaii are perfect year round. 

East to Italy or Austria

  • Our rentals on the boot’s heel of Italy are our furthest east, however, if you’re a skier, stay in Kitzbuhel, Austria, get stoned and then ski the Streif. Reach speeds of over 130 k (about 88.5 mph)


  • Decide on what amenities you want

This one is easy. Do you want to stay someplace with cannabis provided? Air conditioning? A pool? What’s important to you – do you want or need a cannabis concierge? Limo service? Get searching! Try a search for dab-rig, edibles, or concierge (whoa – this Villa in Costa Rico comes up – photo below)

pura vida house, costa rica, cannabis, marijuana



  • Decide when to go

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter – Spring to watch earth come back to life (and help plant), Summer to enjoy outdoor activities especially being on the water, Fall to head to New England and leaf peak (or help harvest) Fall for football games and back to school, Winter to go skiing, snowboarding or other outdoor activities – or stay inside and Netflix and chill. Marijuana makes everything better! 


  • Come Up With A Good Reason For A Marijuana-Friendly Vacation

Combine your travel fun with concerts, sporting events, graduation, family get-togethers, weddings, birthday parties, end of summer, employee team building, best friends weekend, shopping, relaxing on beach, and the standby, “because I want to”.

If all else fails, email us and we’ll write you a note saying, please excuse <your name> from work for 2 weeks. With pay. Note: there is no guarentee of success. 


  • Book Your 420-friendly vacation

The easiest of all. Book directly through our website by contacting the owners. Contact us with any questions, comments or concerns. 


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