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What is a terpene? What do lemons, pine, thyme, lavender and clove share? They all produce terpenes and you can smell them! Limonene, pinene, myrcene, linalool and caryophyllene are the most common of the over 200 terpenes in cannabis and all  of them produce a different effect. Limonene is crisp and refreshing and tends to give people energy and be found in sativas. 

Different strains of cannabis are higher in certain terpenes than others, in the strains named Clementine, Lemon Kush, Strawberry smell like citrus. The terpene myrcene is present in mangos, which has been found to have the most, relaxing, “couch-lock” producing terpenes and we invite you to try out the rumor that eating mangoes pre-smoking | consumption of cannabis gets you higher than normal. This hasn’t been proven one way or another, but it figures that if you smoke a strain already high in myrcene, and consume more via a mango, that you would. Let us know from your couch.

Here is a great chart from our friends over at Leafly – What is a terpene? Follow your nose and now you know. 

Leafly terpenes chart not for sale

How About Hops?

Let’s talk about hops now. Your beer is made with hops – guess what in which family hops falls? That’s right the same one as cannabis – Cannabinaceae. In the Cannabaceae genus there are many plants but none so important than, cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, and cannabis ruderalis. Hemp falls into cannabis, but is called hemp if it has less than 0.03% THC. Anything over falls into the cannabis species. You can actually get CBD from humulus hops as this article explains:

“Humulus is a variety of hop, not cannabis or hemp, and hence this oil is entirely legal in the U.S.. Dr. Bomi Joseph, director of Peak Health, discovered the plant in the Silk Road region of India.”  

What does this mean for you, Bud and Breakfast visitor?

It means you can visit a working hemp farm in Colorado or Vermont. 

Cynevan Farms, vermont, bud and breakfast, weddings


Vermont: Cynevan Farm – a complete farm house for rent. Accommodates up to 12 people with 4 bedrooms, with a king bed to single size, this working hemp farm is halfway between Burlington and Middlebury, Vermont. If you go visit in the fall, you can probably help with harvesting and initial processing of the hemp. Perfect for weddings and group events. Beautiful photos on their listing, and what a wonderful hemp field above! 

Colorado: Two Bears Hemp Farm is located just outside beautiful Durango, Colorado. Smoking and vaping allowed outside and edibles inside. Owned and operated by Marine veterans that love cannabis and hemp.

What a great opportunity to learn more about hemp and how it grows from visiting these working farms. Do you know of someone who could list their property? How about you? We are always looking for more listings both hemp and cannabis friendly listings, wherever in the world you are. 

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