The Heat Is On!

Cool off with a getaway to one, or more, of these three†Bud and Breakfast rentals we’ve selected just for you. Go North! It’s been very hot in the United States and now Europe is suffering under extreme heat. And they don’t have air conditioning or screens on their windows. Time to go for air conditioning, beaches, pools, lakes, sunscreen and some cold refreshing cannabis. Did you know there is medicated/infused water now? This industry is moving so fast. List your property and let’s get it booked and filled. Win for you, win for the guest!

Three Getaways To Cool Off At

These accommodations were selected based on swimming pool, air conditioning and/or the base temperature for the months of August and September.


We have two terrific listing in the 49th State. I mean seriously terrific. Split your trip and try them both.

First up we have Alaska Cannabis Retreat†located near Willow and Wasilla. No, you cannot see Russia but Sarah does live there. I’m ready to go for the medicated meals and.. read on:

Cannabis Mini Bar and More

“We stock a beautiful cabinet loaded with waterpipes, hand pipes, vaporizers, vapor pens, dab rigs, papers, wraps, and more. On most cannabis tours you find yourself with great quality cannabis and stuck with very few choices for using it. Here you can consume your cannabis with all the comforts of home in every possible way.†We offer tours of grow rooms, production facilities, smoke shops, head shops, and other cannabis related businesses. †We also host seminars on growing, cooking, medical, activism and general info like understanding and identifying cannabis. †If you want you can leave here completely educated on cannabis.†We are located on 40 acres with only one road in and we allow smoking on our entire property including in guest rooms, living room, game room, steam room, and hot tub. You will be able to relax knowing you can smoke and walk around the property freely in complete privacy.”

What a cannabis lovers dream! Medicated food, the mini-bar, the outdoors and the freedom to walk around with a joint in your hand and not worry. Temperature range for August and September high 65 degrees, low of 41. Hat weather!

Second, visit the Kenai Bay area and stay in Hope, Alaska in this†unique vintage†converted 1979 Crown school bus!

“Hope is a small historic mining town that has evolved into a outdoor recreation wonderland. With multiple guided and non guided activities in the area, itís a perfect base to explore Alaskaís famous Kenai Pensiula. We provide two mountain bikes to explore the numerous trails accessible from the bus. Town is about a 3 minute drive or a 10 minute bike ride from the bus. There is a bar, a cafe and coffee shops in town”.

Salmon, bears, driving past Alyeska ski resort (pick up some fresh Alaska ThunderF*k) and then Portage Glacier (see it before it’s gone). It’s a beautiful area, your blogger has both lived in Alaska and traveled through Hope & fished for halibut off Homer. Free joint for over 21’s every day you stay!

Bus49, Converted Vintage Bus, Cannabis rental, cool off


Welcome Canada to our Bud and Breakfast family!

Look and book Eldorado, the Back 40 in British Columbia, Canada. Average temperature for New Denver (was originally known as Eldorado) is 73 F in August and 54 F in September. Nice and cool and with a pool! This rental accommodates up to 6 people and is close to hiking, and†Slocan Lake activities. Secluded, quiet and cannabis friendly. Valhalla Provincial Park located close by with waterfalls, mountains, grizzly bears, mountain goats and a wide variety of birds.

British Columbia 420 Friendly rental secluded cool off waterfalls Eldorado back forty

What’s with the “back 40” – it’s an old phrase – basically means the way back of your property. Very small town, peaceful and friendly.

Finishing Up

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