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Dad’s Day | Father’s Day, is Sunday, June 17

Is your dad a dabber? What’s dabbing? Dabbing is vaporization of extracted concentrates, and trust me, if your dad’s a dabber, you would know it. The set up is different than smoking. You need a dab rig, a torch (also known as a Creme Brûlée torch), dabbing tools, dab mat (it’s sticky) and of course, your extract of choice. Dabbing is for experienced cannabis enthusiasts or patients in pain. The amount of THC in extracts is between 60 and 90%, unless you’re used to high THC products, wait. Dabbing is like drinking a fine champagne compared to drinking a lite beer. Read up on it and decide for yourself. The vape bags from the Volcano are nice (used for vaping flower) especially if you don’t have to share. Dad a dabber? Dad a smoke a few hits of a J and call it good? With locations worldwide, this Dad’s Day, treat him to a Bud and Breakfast weekend.

New Listings

We love this new listing in Parker, Colorado. Parker happens to be, just in case you really want to spoil dad or yourself, very close to the Bentley, Ferrari and Lotus and Maserati dealerships.

Here’s the listing for this 420 Friendly Lodge in Colorado:


Amenities include access to our 1400 sq ft retreat facility with indoor jetted hot tub, kitchenette, 55″smart TV, 2 fireplaces, karaoke studio with over 17,000 songs (!), and our signature Bliss Bar with Volcano vaporizer, E-nail dab rig, bongs and papers. In nice weather, relax outside on our sun patio with nearby waterfall feature, in the gazebo on the knoll, or in our garden daybed overlooking our boulder fountain and flower garden. A totally relaxing experience with privacy, and friendly, attentive hosts.

Here is a photo of the “Bliss Bar”, note the dab rig set up along with the Volcano vaporizer. Everything right there, ready for you. Plus a hot tub. Wow! I know a lot of dad’s and granddad’s who would love a weekend here. On the wall a nice photo of bud and calyxes, Question: is that plant ready to harvested or not? Comment below, please.

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Hurry, hurry and get to Michigan for the High Times Cannabis Cup. Seeds, samples, largest gathering of cannabis & medical marijuana card holders in Michigan. High Times Cups are fun! If you’re in Michigan, near Flint, get your tickets and go. If you’re in the mood for a little vacation by the lake, we have listings just for you. The first is Garden View Bungalow, the second is Farmhouse Bed & Bath, which is both 420 and pet friendly! We have lots of new listings, stop by Bud and Breakfast often. Just search on “cannabis provided” to see all the properties that do.


We are proud to have been featured in the East Bay Express in “How to Have an Epic Cannabis Summer” written by David Downs!  David is an award winning and well respected journalist in the cannabis realm. Here’s our favorite part of the write up:

“From our own backyard to the far corners of the globe, there are legit, legal weed experiences to be had. In addition to California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Maine, plus Washington, D.C., have legalized marijuana — along with Uruguay and, soon, Canada. Also weed-friendly are Spain and Jamaica, said Sean Roby, founder and CEO of — which is like AirBnB, but for potheads.”

To finish up

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