Where do you want to go on your weed friendly 420 vacation? Bud and Breakfast has listings located in New England, the Pacific Northwest, Colorado (and worldwide). We can help you find the perfect spot, contact us today!

But where?

Leaf peeking and peaking (nothing like a good puff on a sativa) go together like tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Medicated grilled cheese sandwiches. Leaf peeking AND participating in cannabis or hemp harvesting and processing is available at some of our listings. Let us help you find the right one.
Maybe the thought of cold weather approaching gives you the chills and you’d rather be on a nice beach with a joint. Head to Jamaica, or for the adventurous, head to the Canary Islands! This blogger would join you in heartbeat.

Choose us

If you’re looking for the perfect location, at your price point, Bud and Breakfast has them for you. We are adding new listings and locations daily and want to be your one stop cannabis vacation booking and information site. We are always available for questions, comments, concerns and our favorite, helping you book your cannabis vacation!

Find us

Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for contests, updates and photos of our beautiful locations and favorite flowers and buds (wink), then click, call or email us. We’re standing by to assist you with your booking or listing of your property. Wherever or whenever you decide on your 420 weed vacation, you owe it to yourself to check Bud and Breakfast first!


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