You sure “canna” with Bud and Breakfast, your 420-friendly vacation rental destination with locations throughout Uruguay and the world!  We’re sure you’ll find one that will peek your travel and wanderlust – just look..

3 Very Compelling Reasons to Get Away to Uruguay

1.  Recreational Cannabis – As of July 19, 2017, residents of Uruguay can purchase cannabis. Be the first to experience how legalization and easy availability changes a country. As a visitor, you will not be able to purchase, but the people there are open and friendly, and there are cannabis clubs and home-grows as well.

2.  It’s offseason and cool – Cool as in, not over 90 degrees, humid yes, but no unbearable heat like we’re having this summer here in Colorado. In August, the average high (haha – she said “high”) is only 61.2 F/16.2 C – after days of no rain and heat over 90’s doesn’t that sound great?

3.  Location, location, location – Bud and Breakfast currently has 18 listings throughout Uruguay – from the capitol of Montevideo to the beaches of Oceania del Polonio to high above it all in the mountains of Minas, the capital of the Lavalleja Department. Uruguay has 19 departments – you can equate them to a state or providence.

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Budandbreakfast rental Uruguay Cannabis Friendly3 Very Compelling Cannabis-friendly Places to Stay in Uruguay


1.  Hike the mountains of Minas – Swim rivers, visit waterfalls, ride horses, and enjoy a vegan breakfast in this former hostel. Located in the Department of Lavallaja about 2 hours by bus from Montevideo.

2.  Beach? Italian architect? Wooden interior? Check, check and check. This location has an ocean view, fireplace, deck and more. Cannabis smoking outside only! Put Casa Stefano on your wish list or reserve your holiday today.

3.  Love art-deco? You’ll love this suite available in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. Meet your hostess, Karen Higgs, of Guru’guay (and she certainly is!) all about Uruguay, Montevideo and cannabis! We highly recommend visiting her site and staying at her beautiful art-deco styled apartment in the mermaid suite.

cannabis friendly resort uruguay holiday vacation

3 Very Compelling Reasons to book with Bud and Breakfast


1. We are a small startup focused on providing you, our customers, with safe, trusted vacation rentals that are cannabis friendly. Whether you are looking for cannabis provided or recommendations on where to buy and how to use, our hosts are there to help. Bud and Breakfast allows you to search on what’s important to you. If you’re here in Colorado, that might be air-conditioning, if you’re in Uruguay that might be WiFi. If you want camping, you can search on that as well.

2. Location, location, location – or in Bud and Breakfast’s case – locations! We are the only cannabis bud and breakfast company that offers listings around the globe. Stay in Uruguay one week, the next  in Jamaica, or Spain. From camping spots to luxury oceanfront condo’s, one star to five, Bud and Breakfast has a smoker, and toker, friendly place for you.

3.  Easy – when you’re looking to book a vacation, easy makes all the difference. Our hosts are on standby for your requests and our employees are here to help. We always welcome new listings – contact us today to add yours or talk your friends into adding theirs.

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