Did I get your attention? Heard about Ann Arbor, Michigan’s annual Hash Bash? If not, read on and follow the links.

This April 1st marks the 47th Hash Bash, in Ann Arbor, Michigan along with the Monroe Street Fair Hash Bash Festival. This year guests include master cultivator, author and more,  Jorge Cervantes and Donny Danko of High Times. They’ll be joining forces to offer a Cultivation Seminar on Friday the 31st. New for 2017, Hash Bash is holding the First Annual Hash Bash Cup and awarding prizes for the best Old School Hash, Solvent and Solventless.

If you are a medical patient or caregiver, be sure to stop by Arborside in Ann Arbor. Award winning Cannabis to be had and I mean, award winning. A quick Google brings up High Times Cannabis Cup Winners from 2014-2016 and I personally have tried it. Amongst the cannabis community, they are well respected and known for their quality. Keep in mind if you live in Michigan, love cannabis and have a room, apartment or house that you want to rent out to other 420 friendly people, list it here on Bud and Breakfast! You’ll make money and get to hang out with other cannabis enthusiasts and patients. Win-win = the best alternative, don’t you agree?

You, the Reader’s To Do List:

  1. Decide where to stay for 4/20 – book your vacation now before everything is booked. It’s much easier to have a cannabis friendly place to call home than stay in a hotel where you have to put towels by the door and worry about losing your deposit.
  2. Plan your summer festivals, sporting events, glamping, or big city vacation – find a Bud and Breakfast location to fit all your needs. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Make everyone happy. Pick out a place that offers to provide the weed, provide the medicated food, the vaporizers, bongs, rolling papers, dab rigs and enails, we’re sure there is a location for you listed.

News You May Have Missed:

  1. Rumblings out of Cayman Islands – the use of cannabis oil is approved for medicinal use but not allowed to be grown on the islands. Issues around importing from Jamaica or Canada when it would be better for locals to grow on island. Follow along by monitoring the keywords: Cayman Islands and Cannabis .
  2. This coming Friday and Saturday, March 31 and April 1st, bring the 4th Annual NOCO Hemp Expo in Loveland, Colorado. If you’re interested in the growing hemp and CBD markets (which some say has the potential to be more profitable in the long run than the cannabis side), you must attend this conference. Fantastic speakers and a great expo hall. Last year I saw 3D printing using hemp and am very interested in hemp plastic. Locations in Loveland available, if you don’t want to drive.

Things to think about:

  1. Guess what season is coming up?? Give you a hint, usually there is a very fancy dress involved and lots of family. That’s right! Wedding season. Celebrate in a 420 friendly house with plenty of room, stock up on your favorite strain and hit the wedding cake. San Francisco is the next stop for our friends hosting the Cannabis Wedding Expo, stop by.
  2. Summer vacations – where and when and what? How about the tomato festival in Spain where they throw tomatoes – think snowball fight only with very ripe tomatoes. World renowned. Take it off your bucket list this summer with Bud and Breakfast’s location in Valencia!
  3. Fall – Back to school and back to New England. With Maine and Massachusetts open now you can enjoy leaf-peeking and smoking some green leaves. If you have never experienced fall in New England, it is breathtaking. Like stop the car and stare because of the light off the trees. We’ll be featuring some locations in both states coming soon.


That’s all for now. Have a great week, don’t release any press releases on April 1st and book your Bud and Breakfast weekend now. As usual if you have any questions, comments or concerns, post them and we’ll answer them.


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