If running after a leprechaun sounds too strenuous, or you have on heels, make it easy on yourself and book a cannabis friendly St. Patrick’s Day vacation through Bud and Breakfast.

You can pick up some Lucky Charms from the local dispensary; milk and cereal (with marshmallows, wink) at the grocery. No running, and sometimes no walking, involved. What a perfect way to enjoy your weekend or your upcoming vacation time.

If you’re determined to catch that leprechaun with his pot of green gold, you’ll probably find him in one of our extra green* states. On the East Coast, we have locations in Massachusetts and Maine and on the West Coast, we’ve heard Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Northern California are leprechaun hang outs. Reports have them sitting on porches, rolling and smoking pot from their pot.

Better look and book now!  Get lucky and book your 4/20 vacation before the rush. You’ll be pinching yourself over all our offerings.

Give us a call if you need suggestions on where to stay, or where to find that tricky leprechaun and Lucky Charms strain.

This Saint Patrick’s Day, let’s all be Highrish!

*Extra green based on amount of precipitation received each year and the fact author lives in very dry Colorado



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