Our 420 vacation destination of the week this week is a rather different experience altogether. The whole lodge is decorated hippie-style, as the hosts want guests to be able to relax in a truly hippie way!

If you want to smoke weed you can. You can even rent the Smoking Kit if you are aged 21 or over. Ask the host about that if you are intrigued. Located in Walsenburg, United States, this Southern California home is surrounded by beautiful countryside. Described as a funky and rustic place to relax, you can be sure that the hippie train lodge is just your cup of tea if you like to go with the flow. 420 vacation

Why hippie train lodge? There is a train that runs right next to the house. You can wave to the conductor as it goes by. Note, guests need to like the sound of the train whistle in order to enjoy staying in this place. If you don’t well, the hosts can also provide you with ear plugs!

Cannabis smoking is allowed both inside the house and outside. The owner is on site to help you find whatever you need and share yarns. Pets are allowed on the premises, but we suggest that you clear it with the owner before you show up with Fido in tow.

Listed local attractions include fishing and fly fishing; hiking; museums; shopping; swimming; and making the most out of the surrounding wildlife.

There are so many options for the 420 traveler with Bud and Breakfast. Browse the site and you are sure to find the perfect weed accommodation for you. If you are a medical marijuana patient then it is crucial that you stay in a place that can help you look after yourself. We’re here to make sure that happens.

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