This week’s marijuana vacation of the week takes us to the state of British Colombia in Canada. The city of Abbotsfield is where this cannabis-friendly vacation property is located.

The owner says that it is a must that you love music in order to stay here! There are also often incense sticks and cedar burning, so you should enjoy the scents that such herbs give off. This is a chilled out house, and there are no media distractions such as TV or internet connection. Yup, you heard it right: no TV, no internet, but plenty of tunes. There is also a heat lamp. This is a property offering a very specific type of stay for the right person, so we recommend that you read the full description and contact the host with further questions before you book.

The house is located just a 45 minute drive from the big city of Vancouver.Scenic Centennial Part is only a 10 minute walk away, and the Pacific Ocean is a couple of hours by bus. If you are into skiing, you can get to Whistler if you have a car.

The host offers to supply daily coffee, and will supply cannabis depending on what is in supply. Breakfast is vegetarian and varied depending on your tastes.

The owner loves to share the space with other dancers, visual artists such as painters, readers, artisans and traveling musicians.

British Colombia is a place rich with culture and history. It is a diverse place, and there is something to please everyone here. There is nature if you want nature, good food if you like culinary delights, vibrant cities if you like the city buzz and night life, and is known as being a warm and hospitable place that welcomes travelers.

BC is also known for spectacular parks, both national and provincial. This is a place where you can concentrate on nothing other than tuning into nature. There are campsites and thousands of kilometers of trails to explore.

Bud and Breakfast is a site where you can find cannabis-friendly vacation properties to rent so that you can travel with weed and consume marijuana responsibly. You will be able to plan your perfect marijuana vacation with us.

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