Cannabis Startups are in full swing—in fact they are budding up all over the place!

In places where cannabis is legal for recreational purposes—such as Denver and Boulder in Colorado—there are a growing number of marijuana startups. And we’re not just talking about growers and dispensaries, either. Entrepreneurs with a taste for a blossoming market and new industry have caught on fast to the fact that cannabis is popular and profitable.

In fact, for the first year there were a number of talks on cannabis and business in the popular Boulder Startup Week. The schedule usually pulls in speakers mainly from the tech industry, with some venture capital and funding geared talks.

Boulder Startup Week is a wonderful resource for anyone who is looking to build a company. Regardless of what it is that you are looking to improve: marketing, development, growth, engineering, advertising, human resources, or just simply how to do it all and keep your head.

This year the talks included marijuana specific experience, and they were all at full capacity. One of the speakers. Mason Levy, spoke about the influence of how the cannabis industry is affecting the way that we look at healthcare. And the focus was on the new wave of a more holistic healthcare approach in America.

Another talk focused on how cannabis startups can target women professionals to help them move forward with unique skills. Another addressed the problem that the cannabis industry faces when looking to hire software developers.

Boulder has always been a hub for startups, and now that cannabis is legal in Colorado there has been a natural turn towards marijuana-focused new business.

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