Will Germany soon be a destination for weed travel?

Germany are to make medical marijuana legal next year, which is why we think that there is a distinct possibility that Germany could soon be a destination for weed travel.

The health minister for Germany has recently announced that medical marijuana will be legal in early 2017. The health minister, Herman Grohe, has drafted up the required legislation what will be put to the German cabinet, and Herman is very confident that the proposal will be passed.

While we can all understand that a proposal for medicinal marijuana to be made legal is not exactly the same as saying recreational marijuana is soon to be allowed, most of us also know that one often closely follows the other. Having cannabis be made legal for medical purposes is the closest stepping stone to having it be made legal for recreational purposes.

This is why we are hoping that soon you can take your weed travel to Germany. The Western European country has a vast terrain of rivers, forests, mountain ranges and fantastic history underneath it all. Berlin, the capital, has a vibrant nightlife, and there are many sites of interest that tell stories of WW11 and more. Munich you might already know about due to the reputation of Oktoberfest and the beer halls. Frankfurt is know for impressive skyscrapers and house the European Central Bank. These are just some of the reasons why a weed vacation in Germany would be really cool!

Grohe has made it very clear that cannabis will only be available to German citizens who have a prescription for it as written by a registered and licensed physician. Because there are no federal grow houses in Germany, the cannabis will have to be imported.

Medicinal marijuana is used to treat a number of illnesses: cancer, nausea, stress and anxiety, PTSD to name but a few.

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