Nobody is going to argue that alcohol doesn’t have less-than-desirable next day effects. But what about weed? Post 420, we ask, is the weed hangover a thing?

Last month’s 420 holiday would have seen a lot of people smoking cannabis. If you are a regular consumer already, than 420 is every day. But with the big focus on this marijuana holiday once a year, many people who don’t use cannabis that often will have partaken in some weed.weed hangover

What is a weed hangover? Urban dictionary says that this is a thing, and defines it as the morning following a large pot session—that day when you wake up after a big long slumber and feel all sleepy and droggy all day.

While it may be true that you sleep a long time after a weed sesh, it is also true that you can feel super sleepy after a long sleep—regardless of if you have been smoking pot or not.

However, social sites do reflect that people are more likely to simply not care as much about going into work or even getting out of bed on the day after a cannabis fest. The problem is that there is not really any scientific research to back this up. It might be that people are simply more relaxed.

There are some things that we do know: weed gives you a “cotton mouth” or a dry mouth because it reduces the amount of saliva that your mouth produces—so be sure to drink a lot of water if you are having a 420 session. Cotton mouth, however, is not the same as dehydration—which is what you get when you drink too much alcohol.

The other thing to keep in mind, is that even if you sleep a long time, you might not actually be getting a very good quality of sleep. One way to make sure that your 420 sessions are not going to tamper with your career or ability to go to work is to take some time off and go on a proper 420 vacation. Check out where you can go on Bud and Breakfast’s website.

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