The world’s largest joint graced the White House late last month. All 51 feet of it! Okay, so it wasn’t a real joint and there was no cannabis inside it, but it still made the point well enough. The point, was written loud and clear on the plastic inflatable joint: Obama, Deschedule Cannabis Now!

Organized by Reschedule 420, nearly 100 people carried that plastic 51-foot joint down Pennsylvania Avenue towards the White House. Unfortunately, the joint never made it to the White House, as is was stopped by a wall of law enforcement. We guess that they didn’t want the president blazing up!

The reason that the protesters were given for not being allowed to take the joint any further was that the officials were concerned that it was so big it would obstruct the view of the White House for all the tourists who had traveled so long and far to see it.

According to Leafy, the Reschedule 420 event was inspired by Bill Maher and his display of civil disobedience that happened earlier this year. Maher lit up and smoked a joint right on stage on his HBO show. It seems that things are hotting up in terms of this type of protest—be it one person, like Maher, or a whole group of hundreds, like last month outside the White House.

The thing is, that people really really hate prohibition when they cannot see any good reason for it. People hate being told “you cannot do this just because.” A spokeswoman for the Alliance of Women in Media said that really people should be allowed to know the truth and be exposed to the information.  Hundreds of thousands of people’s lives have been changed by prohibition because people are still being arrested and going to jail for cannabis possession and consumption. Now that there is so much evidence to show that marijuana has profound medical benefits and is not as harmful for recreational consumption as previously people were told it was, things have to change.  

Science is showing us that cannabis is far greater than simply a recreational drug. It has immense healing properties that can improve people’s lives and vastly reduce suffering. Some people are even of the opinion that, far from being a gateway drug, cannabis is an exit drug from the pharmaceutical crisis.

At Bud and Breakfast, we support responsible consumption of marijuana.

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    You can feel the tide changing on this issue on our green skunky herbal medicine politically very rapidly.
    It reminds me of the early 00’s when the public opinion on gay marriage swung like 40% from not in favor for, to yes, in favor of.