Portland is the largest city in Oregon, and it sits on the Willamette and Columbia rivers. The city is in the shadow of Mount Hood—a snow-capped mountians.

Portland is well known for its eco-friendly population, the microbreweries and coffeehouses that locals love, and for excellent cycle paths. The city is home to a vast number of artists, and hence the thriving art and music scene. A must-visit city, Portland offers something for everyone.

All the more reason to go—cannabis is legal. You’ll be able to find the perfect cannabis-friendly hotel on Bud and Breakfast. 

Our 420 vacation of the week is Forest Park

In this forest location, you will find a large queen bedroom suite with your own private bathroom. The house provides a common area in which you can relax and enjoy tea by the fire, or read a book in one of the lounge chairs.

The trails that run directly outside the house will give you an area in which you can take a walk, or a run, and breath in the crisp forest air. You can also watch the wildlife—especially woodpeckers. There are five different species of 420 vacationwoodpecker that are common in the area.

The hosts will accommodate you for breakfast, and they are happy to adhere to any dietary specialities such as vegan, gluten free, vegetarian or other. You can smoke cannabis outside of the house on the patio.

There is a lot of hiking that can be done in this area, but it is also relatively close to the ski slopes Timberline, Mt Hood Meadows and Ski Bowl. These are all about two hours away. If the coast is more your thing, Oregon Coast is approximately an hour and a half in the car.

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