Cannabis cards are a fun way to say “Seasons Greetings,” and there are a lot more novelty pot-related ideas for celebrating this year. Here are a couple of things to get you in the mood for settling in for a cosy night with a joint—or a glass of egg-nog.


Who says that greetings cards have to read “Merry Christmas?” Kush Kards don’t think that they do. How about “Let’s Burn” instead? (And we don’t think that they are talking about the log fire this time.)

There are hundreds of designs to choose from. You can go for “Eat, Smoke, and be Thankful,” if you are feeling the gratitute this year, or if you’re looking for something for Halloween 2016, you can get “Frankenstoned.”

Our favorite at Bud and Breakfast is the cute one with a picture of “Redeye Rudy“—some of you might know him better as Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Well, this year, a red nose isn’t all Rudolph has. Looks like he spent the season consuming a different kind of grass!

Dope Lightsdopelights2_1024x1024_9acf93c4-c53b-4f3f-805b-ac5879fc6d4c_1024x1024

Dope lights? Yes, Dope Lights!

These little beauties will add a twinkle to any christmas tree, deck or porch. While your neighbors are all decorating their houses with the snowflake and icicle variation of Christmas lights, your’ll stand apart with your little green cannabis leaves glistening in the snow.

If you hang them on your christmas tree, your’ll have an even greener effect. You can buy these string lights from for @24.80 per 10 ft string.

After-Dinner EdiblesWhiteChocolate_Peppermint-12

This seasonal treat combines the traditional after dinner mint with THC for a real post-turkey treat. Dixie One White Chocolate and Peppermint Bars have been rolled out in production specially for the festive season, so you’ll only be able to get your hands on them this month.

The 10 mg single-dose squares consist of creamy smooth white chocolate and don’t worry, they are sold in a kiddie proof pouch.

The ultimate way to light things up this season is to book a cannabis-friendly accommodation and take a pot vacation. Bud and Breakfast accommodations mean that you can travel to places where marijuana is legal and safely consume weed at your leisure. What better way to spend the holidays?

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