So you’ve tried Airbnb and you are comfortable with staying in another persons home rather than a hotel, but have you thought about cannabis-friendly accommodations such as those listed in Bud and Breakfast?

If not, maybe you should. We all know that Airbnb is a magical ticket to a less expensive getaway, and that shows in the huge success that the company has had over the past couple of years. Gone are the days when it seemed slightly odd to stay in another person’s home or short-term rental. In the same way that you are going to end up paying more if you choose a traditional cab over Uber, hotel rooms are now the more expensive and less savvy option.

So what about cannabis accommodations?

Responsible Consumption is Key:

When cannabis is legal, we can talk about it. When we are able to freely share experiences and discuss marijuana, we can learn from one another. Bud and Breakfast have a first time users guide to smoking pot for people who might be embarking on weed travel, but have little marijuana experience.

Shared Experiences:

Well, firstly, when used responsibly, weed can have some very distinct and beneficial health effects. If you are a first-time user and not sure of quantity, staying with a host who can give you some valuable insight into smoking pot can be a large benefit. Hosts of marijuana-friendly accommodations are usually very open to discussing where to get weed, and how to use it properly.

Legal Dispensaries:

While we are on the topic of safe usage, in states where recreational cannabis consumption is legal, dispensaries are all about helping you make the correct choices when it comes to cannabis consumption. Staff are usually fully informed on the effects of different strains of weed, and you will be pleasantly surprised to when you go in and see the choices available to you.

It is totally worth traveling to a state where cannabis is legal for recreational use just for the dispensary experience alone.

Bottom Line: Cannabis-friendly accommodations are the perfect solution when it comes to weed travel. You can learn about pot and safe usage from accommodation hosts and dispensary staff. Responsible use of cannabis is something that is important, and Bud and Breakfast has a host of resources for you on just how to go about enjoying marijuana.

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