Last week the UK’s first legal vaporizer went on sale, and it has proved a hit with customers! According to accounts from those who have tried it, the product has life-changing effects, and all for the better.

The product is made by MediPen, and its creators claim that it contains what should be considered a completely respectable quantity of cannabidiol—the active ingredient found in the cannabis plant—and with this comes a whole host of positive health benefits.

Medical marijuana is becoming more and more popular as a method of treating a number of serious illnesses—such as cancer, fibromyalgia, and other chronic diseases. The interesting thing about cannabidiol, is that is does not contain any of the elements that produce the psychoactive effects usually associated with cannabis consumption. Users can rest assured that they will not experience any increase in anxiety or feelings of paranoia—if they are worried about that type of thing in the first place that is.

The MediPen contains coconut oil which is imbued with 20 percent cannabidiol (also referred to as CBD). The weed is sourced from the Netherlands, and is grown in a way that means that tetrahydrocannabininol (or THC) is eliminated. THC is the element present within the cannabis plant that is known to get users high, and it is the elimination of this that allows MediPen users to consume without the psychoactive effects.

MediPen are on a mission to prove that cannabis consumption can be safe, and that the plant has some incredible medical benefits. On their Facebook page they state that they are in it to “make a difference” and aim to open the public’s eyes to the wonders of marijuana. In the long run, MediPen would like to see a reform of the cannabis laws in the United Kingdom, and it is their view that the current prohibition laws are seriously detrimental to pharmaceutical research and the health of millions of people.

In the USA, medical marijuana is becoming legal in a growing number of states, and with that the rules surrounding recreational cannabis are also changing. As more and more people understand the great medical benefits of cannabis, more and more citizens are demanding change.

As far as cannabis tourism is concerned, any changes to prohibition are positive ones. As the stigma surrounding weed diminishes, a large number of people are seeing that marijuana is a blooming industry.

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