In a national survey it was discovered that 10 percent of high school teens preferred recreational cannabis over cigarette smoking. These were all students who admitted to having used pot within the past thirty days. According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more teenagers report to have used marijuana than cigarettes, indicating that pot is preferred.

This shows a pretty big change. Back in 1997, in a similar type of survey, 21 percent of high school teens said that they had smoked either a cigar or a cigarette within the past 30 days. The 2013 study showed that only 7 percent said that they had recently smoked a cigarette.

For pot: In 1997, just 4 percent of high schoolers admitted to having used marijuana recently, and this climbed up to 10 percent in the 2013 report. Another big change, is the way that pot is perceived by teenagers today. The CDC report that now only 20 percent of kids in the 12th grade have the perception that cannabis is a harmful drug, and this is down significantly since 1997. It is very likely that this change in perception and the reduction of stigma surrounding pot has lead to the increase in cannabis use among teens.

Another thing to consider, is that there is likely to be a big percentage of teens who are unwilling to admit to marijuana use at all in a self-report survey. If that is true, it is likely that a far greater number of teens have smoked pot within the last thirty days than the 40 percent revealed in the study. recreational cannabis

Despite the medical status of cannabis being supported by many US states, the CDC still lists pot as a gateway drug. We think that this need not be the case if cannabis is used responsibly. Parents can use the data provided in this study to help them decide if they need to educate their teens on safe marijuana use.

At Bud and Breakfast, we strongly support safe and responsible marijuana use. Our cannabis-friendly accommodations are run by hosts who know the score, and can help advise guests on safe usage if needed. We also have a first-time cannabis users guide that you might find helpful if you are new to the wonderful world of recreational cannabis consumption.

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