Don’t be surprised if nothing happens, but don’t smoke more.

Some people report that they do not “feel anything” when they first use cannabis, but then that the second time they do. According to licensed physician Dustin Sulak, this is a phenomenon has ever been directly studied in humans, but it really does exist. Clinical trials demonstrate this lack of effect upon initial use, but it’s rarely explained or even noted.  Sulak has hypothesized that acute doses of THC up-regulate and sensitize the endocannabinoid system, and a handful of animal studies support this notion, demonstrating increase cannabinoid receptor production and sensitivity after acute doses of THC were given.  Animals treated with repeated high doses have the opposite response—down regulation of cannabinoid receptors.

What this means for first time users, is that the receptors in your brain might not be primed and that the cannabis will not have any effect. However, once you have tired it, those receptors will activate, and the next time—watch out—you will feel the effect.

Especially if you felt no effect the first time that you smoked weed, do not smoke a greater quantity the second time. Trust us!

Plan ahead

Location and situation. Set yourself up for success by choosing a appropriate setting for your first time with marijuana. Finding as state in which weed is legal is a good start, then a private place that you can relax in is another. It is important that you are with people whom you feel that you can trust, this means that you will be more relaxed and happy when the effect takes place.

Don’t Overdo It!

You cannot overdose on marijuana. Fact. However, you can have a bad time if you take too much all in one go. This is true of just about everything, right? If you eat too much chocolate you are going to throw up, and if you smoke too much weed you are probably going to wish that you hadn’t.

Know what you are getting, and don’t be afraid to ask. 

Different strains mean different effects. Indica makes you sleepy and sativa is more energetic and upbeat. If you want to snooze well after a mellow high, go indica. If you want to unleash your inner creativeness, sativa is the way. A good dispensary will be able to guide you in the right direction, and this is an advantage of living somewhere where recreational pot is legal: you get to ask questions.

Be cautious with edibles!

Edibles look like sweets but if you eat them like sweets you will be tripping all over the shop. Slow and steady and be patient is the key here. You can read more on edibles here. 

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