This coming week, adults (over the age of 21) will be allowed to possess and smoke cannabis for non-medical reasons in the state of Oregon. There is just one little catch however: you cannot buy it anywhere.

This is the result of a lot of hard work by pro-marijuana lobbyists, but potential buyer must come by their weed as a gift—unless they want to purchase it on the (still illegal) black market of course. This is because there are still no licensed retail stores open in Oregon. Citizens can’t buy weed even through it is now legal for them to do so.

One option for cannabis-loving Oregon types is to embark on some weed travel and visit a state in which it is legal to purchase marijuana from a dispensary. For a full list of states that allow cannabis you can visit our guide. Also, cannabis-friendly accommodations can be found on Bud and Breakfast in states such as Colorado, Washington and other areas in which it is actually possible to legally purchase marijuana for recreational purposes.

Remember, cannabis is still not legal on the federal level, so buyers must beware about traveling with weed on their person. Possession typically carries a misdemeanor charge and fines ranging from $1,000 to $5,000.

Measure 91—Oregon’s marijuana initiative—was passed by a 56 percent majority of voters in November 2014. It is expected that it will not be until fall of 2016 that licensed retail shops will begin to pop up, which makes it very difficult for anyone in Oregon to actually make use of the new weed laws in the meantime. So critics speculate that the state is purposefully making it difficult for pot to be used.

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