Quick Facts:

Is medicinal cannabis legal? Yes

Is recreational marijuana legal? No

Prop .203 made medical marijuana legal in Arizona with the aim to protect patients who were seriously ill from being arrested for possessing cannabis that they were using for pain relief and other medical reasons. This is now allowed but only by state-sanctioned dispensaries which are regulated by the Arizona Department of Health Services (DHS). The legalization battle for recreational cannabis is still ongoing.

The conditions that a patient can use medicinal marijuana for include Alzheimer’s disease, hepatitis C, cancer and HIV/AIDS.

In the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act’s End of Year Report for 2014, there were 65,547 patients who qualified for applications and 1,565 caregiver applications. Seventy percent of the patients who qualified for a medicinal marijuana card were male and the average age of patient was 44 years.

The most common medical condition that cannabis was used for in Arizona in 2014 was “severe chronic pain.”There were 85 dispensaries open in 2014 and 1,433,808 transactions meaning that a total of 9.14 metric tons of cannabis was sold.

According to the Marijuana Policy Project, Arizona state Rep. Mark Cardenas introduced HB 2007 and wants to legalize and regulate cannabis in the same why that alcohol it. Arizona residents who are in favor of such action can voice their support here.

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