The land of milk and honeyplans to open cannabis social clubs

Across Europe, a new trend is exploding. As a means to succeed from marijuana prohibition, several countries are allowing cities to open and run cannabis social clubs. From London to Switzerland, these new social clubs are catching fire like a blunt at a Snoop Dogg concert. The concept is simple, and the clientele is plentiful.

Some of the newest cities that have chosen to host cannabis clubs are located in Switzerland. The concept of a typical cannabis club is this: in order to buy you must be a member of a “private” club. You pay a membership fee each month and get to enjoy your favorite strain each time you attend the local events. These clubs are even run from apartments in some cases.

A whopping one-third of the population in Switzerland has consumed marijuana at some point in their lives. With numbers this staggering, it comes as no surprise that recent polls show 500,000 Swiss citizens use weed daily.

This idea for a cannabis social club emerged from the gray area in European law, which has decriminalized private use. However, selling and growing still remain illegal. Many believe that an outright ban seems a little unrealistic. Cannabis supporters say that the law is too ambiguous and therefore seek loopholes. This is why these social organizations are gaining popularity.

We need regulation; not a blanket ban, nor a free-for-all,” says Franziska Teuscher, who is trusted to provide education to the people who live in Bern. Newly founded 420-friendly private membership clubs are set to open in Bern, which has been designated as one of many test cities for the concept.

Yet critics chastise those in the “Club Cannabis” movement, stating that it is just a clever way to carry out illegal activities. Some clubs have even been busted for drug trafficking by the European authorities. Supporters of these social clubs say, “cannabis social clubs are the best alternative to a strict government monopoly or the large-scale legalization, which tends to incentivize consumption and benefit only big companies.”

True, the marijuana industry is evolving constantly, thanks to the work of some very dedicated Ganjapreneurs. New innovations make it easier to acquire weed if you’re of legal age to partake. Even the societal stigma associated to pot smokers is changing and the cannabis social clubs will certainly attract a variety of clientele.

So what do you say? Thinking of opening up a marijuana social club? Switzerland are leading the way on that one already, so maybe planning some cannabis accommodations and travel in that direction is your next move.


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