The changing state of marijuana means that sometimes it is difficult to keep up to date with the areas in which pot is legal for recreation or medical use and how much an individual can possess. Finding accommodations in a state where cannabis is not going to get you in trouble has never been easier, and here is a quick lowdown.

Oregon, Colorado, Washington and Alaska are the only states that have (so far) legalized pot for recreation, but we believe that there are others not so far behind. In the remainder of the states listed in this table, medicinal marijuana is legal, but there are still different limits as to how much an individual can have on them.

You can also use this table for an at-a-glance look at where you can find cannabis accommodations and hosts who are happy to let you smoke weed while you travel.

Remember, while your marijuana-friendly accommodation might allow you to consume cannabis on their property, this is still considered a private residence and therefore legal. If you are caught smoking in public most states will fine. Colorado for example will fine up to $999 any person found smoking weed in public.

State Amount that an individual can possess
1. Alaska 1 oz 
2. Arizona 2.5 oz 
3. California 8 oz 
4. Colorado 2 oz 
5. Connecticut One-month supply (exact amount to be determined)
6. DC 2 oz 
7. Delaware 6 oz 
8. Hawaii 3 oz 
9. Illinois 2.5 oz
10. Maine 2.5 oz 
11. Maryland 30-day supply but exactly what that is not yet determined
12. Massachusetts 60-day supply (medical use)
13. Michigan 2.5 oz 
14. Minnesota 30-day supply (cannot be smoked)
15. Montana 1 oz 
16. Nevada 1 oz 
17. New Hampshire Two ounces within any 10-day period
18. New Jersey 2 oz
19. New Mexico 6 oz 
20. New York 30-day supply (cannot be smoked)
21. Oregon 24 oz usable
22. Rhode Island 2.5 oz 
23. Vermont 2 oz 

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