Now that you can easily find and book marijuana-friendly cannabis accommodations with Bud and Breakfast’s listing service, you are on your way to enjoying the most relaxing vacation that you have ever had. If you have already booked, then all there is left for you to do is plan your trip.

Granted, many travelers are simply looking for a vacation which allows them to do absolutely nothing. Weed travel is a no-brainer in terms of shedding some stress and taking time out from the hectic pace of everyday life. It seems that every week another scientifically credible study is published proving the wealth of physical and psychological benefits that pot allows for. There are some activities however, that we think can take your chillout-fest to another level.

Cannabis-Friendly Accommodations and Forest BathingCannabis accommodations tips for travelers

Don’t worry, you won’t even get wet—unless it rains that is. Forest bathing is a practice that originated in Japan and is considered a fundamental part of preventative healthcare. Woo as that may sound, there is an impressive amount of published literature to suggest that there are numerous health benefits to be had from the simple practice of taking time out in nature. If you want the lowdown, we have a post and how-to guide on forest bathing all ready for you.

Adding some Spa time to your Weed Travel

If you are staying in a location close to a hot springs, it will be well worth the trip to do and get in the warm water. Boulder and Denver are both cities which don’t have hot springs but do have them just an hours drive away. Idaho Hot Springs for example, is just a couple of hours from this sweet downtown Boulder Victorian cannabis-friendly accommodation.

Inhale. Exhale. Cannabis accommodations tips for travelers

Yoga. Take some time out on your trip to do to a local yoga class. Your host will probably be able to give you information on nearby studios. Yoga, especially the more meditation-based styles, can be very affective when it comes to increasing lung capacity; give your body an oxygen boost and go get into a downward facing dog pose.

If you are looking for something a little bit more cardiovascular, try the power-vinyasa style. That is a class that will certainly get your heart rate up and leave you feeling stretched out and ready to relax further.

Take a Hike

Obvious as it may sound, simply hitting up a trail can be one of the most holistically beneficially activities that you can do on vacation, and the easiest. No need to go for miles and miles—unless you want to—half an hour of fresh air is enough to clear the mind and open the senses.

Being Mindful

The nicest thing about booking accommodations where cannabis is welcome is that you don’t have to worry about consuming weed so long as you do it in a manner acceptable to your host. Public consumption is trickier, so make sure that you are careful and respectful about where you smoke pot if you have it with you when you are out and about.

-Tabitha Farrar

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