There are probably women all over America celebrating Mother’s Day with high tea today, but some are taking the notion much more literally than others. The Cannabist reports how one of its writers, Susan Squibb, describes “Mother’s High Tea”—an annual event to celebrate the special women who believe in and work towards cannabis legalization and reform.

Is this simply a celebration of the women in the cannabis industry? No, we think it is so much more than that; ultimately, it shows just how far the marijuana scene has come in the last couple of years, and how much it has changed.

Cannabis users are no longer to be perceived as stoners. In fact, if you were to visit a dispensary, you would probably find that the demographic is not at all like the stereotype depicts. Establishing an event as sophisticated in nature as high tea and inviting cannabis into the room is a genius play from the smart ladies who are pushing for reform.

As Squibb points out, bringing mothers into the argument for legalization—or in fact, putting them at the forefront—was a great move; there is a certain cultural norm at play here: if Mom says that it is safe to smoke weed, then who are we to argue?

The History of High Tea

Not the English type,  but the mothers-who-do cannabis revolution.

It all began not so long ago in 2011, and was inspired—unsurprisingly—by a mother. As The Cannabist reports, Squibb’s mother  passed from ovarian cancer in 2010, and Squibb felt compelled to start the tea in her memory. Mother’s High Tea cultivated the professional womens’ community in Colorado which formalized as Women’s CannaBusiness Network which morphed into the well known women’s group, Women Grow.

Woman Grow is a Denver-based group of women who are on a mission to empower the next generation of cannabis industry leaders, and they are really focusing on the community to help them do it. Events are run to educate and inform the general public on the changing face of marijuana users. This really is an inspiring collection of women, and they are making waves in the business sphere of the cannabis industry. Mother's day

When and Where

Mother’s High Tea in held at History Colorado Center on Mother’s Day every year. The event starts at 2 pm, and runs thorough the afternoon.

How does it work?

You have to buy a ticket, and in order to stay within the legal boundaries, there is no actual cannabis consumption at Mother’s High Tea. There is, however, tea, sandwiches, cakes, and what might be considered more traditional high-tea fare.

Themes for speakers and discussion have usually been circulating around tactics to change the law, and this year Senator Beth Marinez from Adams County gave the keynote speech. It is serious stuff, and the attendees are set on discussion about what they want for this exciting and emerging industry.

The event site also states that children and well-dressed gentlemen are encourages to attend. Could this really be the start of cannabis-related family outings? We think so!


-By Tabitha Farrar

Is cannabis getting more family friendly?

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