Cannabis has a wide range of medical uses, however, people who make use of medicinal marijuana are often subject to negative judgement from non-users. Many who support the so-called War on Drugs believe that marijuana users are lazy, unemployed, hedonists who have little to contribute to society. However, several documented cases have shown that marijuana for medicinal purposes can treat, and in some cases cure their ailments.

Proponents of the prohibition on marijuana have gone as far as to claim that the decriminalization of marijuana would lead to a spike in drug abuse. However, in emerging countries outside the United States, where marijuana is one of several drugs that have been decriminalized, this could not be further from the truth. Forbes took a comprehensive look at this phenomenon by profiling the decline of drug abuse in Portugal, where all drugs have been decriminalized. The report even states that giving the Portuguese people treatment for drug abuse rather than incarcerating them has proved far more successful and less expensive for the local government.

Since the decriminalization of marijuana for medicinal use in the 23 out of 50 states in America, several inspirational stories have emerged that show the benefits of medical marijuana. One important distinction worth mentioning is that certain marijuana strains and tinctures contain high levels of CBD, or Cannabidiols, which address certain medical conditions without giving the patient the feeling of being “high”.

Cannabis and Epilepsy

Perhaps the most widely recognized case of marijuana for medicinal use is that of young Jayden David. Jayden is a boy born with a rare case of epilepsy known as Dravet’s syndrome. This condition was so debilitating for Jayden that he would often suffer several seizures every day and could not chew solid food or even walk and play like a normal kid. Jayden needed more than twenty different prescriptions every day just to regulate his condition. After beginning treatment using a medical marijuana tincture, Jayden now only takes two prescriptions and is now able to run around, play, and even swim. Jayden’s dad Jason David has gone on record to call the marijuana treatment a “miracle” cure.

Cannabis and Cancer

As more research emerges, a variety of cases show that marijuana for medicinal use can help slow the growth or completely kill off cancer in the cells of the body. Many cancer patients are turning to medical marijuana to help diminish the painful side effects of chemotherapy. Some cases even show a dramatic reduction in the size and severity of cancerous tumors. Perhaps even more confounding, medical studies show that marijuana can help reduce the spread of HIV in the body.

Cannabis-friendly accommodation

If a person is using cannabis for medical reasons, it is very important that they can continue to do so wherever they may be. It is after all, prescribed and proven. These inspirational stories are part of what have motivated several hotel and lodging groups to open their doors to offer marijuana-friendly accommodations. Many of these establishments are found on websites such as If you’re a medical marijuana user, or you’re interested in finding accommodations that cater to marijuana users, check out Bud and Breakfast to find MMJ-friendly lodging.