Marijuana and its many uses have been in the news quite a bit lately. In recent years, supporters of the legislation to lift prohibition cite the several uses and benefits of cannabis and its cousin hemp. What some people do not know is that hemp and marijuana use dates back several thousand years, with ancient civilizations utilizing both plants for various uses.

The first thing to understand is the difference between hemp and cannabis itself. Both plants have similar characteristics, but the implications of each are different. First, hemp is typically harvested to manufacture textiles such as clothing and rope while cannabis is harvested for medicinal and recreational uses. Hemp is also used as a food source and carries very little THC content while most strains of cannabis contain substantially higher THC content. Another major difference between hemp and cannabis is how the plant is cultivated. Hemp is grown as a male plant which means that it does not flower while cannabis plants are female with flowering buds.

Historical accounts state that the first use of cannabis began in ancient China. Pottery with hemp cords were discovered in what is now known as Taiwan dating as far back as 10,000 BCE. Carl Sagan posits that cannabis may have possibly been the first plant cultivated for agricultural use.

By 2,700 BCE, marijuana Emperor Shen Neng of China reportedly used marijuana for medicinal purposes. Sacred Hindu texts referred to cannabis as a “Sacred Plant”, used in offerings to Lord Shiva. As of 100 BCE, the psychotropic effects of cannabis are recorded in the herbal journal titled Pen Ts’ao Ching.

Fast forward to the period between 1271-1295 AD when Marco Polo, Venetian merchant and discoverer, recorded usage of hashish in Europe. By this time, hemp was widely used throughout Europe and Asia for paper, clothing, and as a food source. In 1533, King Henry VIII of England demanded that cannabis be cultivated by local farmers and fined those who did not comply.

By 1910, marijuana made it’s way into the United States via the Mexican Revolution. It is widely used for recreational benefit. Prohibition of cannabis began in California, effective 1915. As of  2010, major scientific and medical breakthroughs show the multiple benefits of cannabis use. While debate still looms about the practical and medicinal benefits of hemp and marijuana, many patients are using cannabis to treat and, in some cases, cure major illnesses and diseases.

One thing has remained a constant throughout the centuries, however. That is the efforts of forward-thinking entrepreneurs, also known as “ganjapreneurs” who see the true benefits of cannabis use in modern society. One market that is opening up in the cannabis industry is marijuana-friendly lodging accommodations.

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