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Safety for website users, for guests, and for hosts is paramount.

Site users

Bud And Breakfast is hosted on Amazon Web Services and configured with the latest security patches to reduce vulnerability to theft of private data.  No remote calls to the database are allowed, and public/private key pairs are necessary for access to administrator functions.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is used to provide encryption for all transmitted data and is in use when Bud And Breakfast is accessed through  Users are redirected to this URL automatically.

Credit card information is stored in our account at, a full service merchant provider.  As a merchant, we are required to be compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), a set of comprehensive requirements developed by the major card brands to facilitate the adoption of consistent data security measures.  Bud And Breakfast meets or exceeds these standards.

For privacy, guests may book room dates without entering address information.  On the payment page click "Proceed as a guest". An email address is necessary to send receipts and accommodation information.

Credit card charges and paypal transactions will be seen on statements as "TASTE OF TRAVEL".

  • *Note booking outside of the Bud and Breakfast site violates our terms of service and automatically removes all legal responsibility from Bud and Breakfast and/or its affiliates. Stay safe and beware of scams. Bud and Breakfast will never ask you to wire money direct or transfer rental payment outside of our site.


Guests are encouraged to research and understand the recommended dosages for cannabis, particularly for "novice users."  When trying edibles for the first time, Bud And Breakfast recommends a novice ingest no more than 10mg of THC (THC content labelling is mandated in Colorado and may not be in other jurisdications) and wait 2 hours before deciding to ingest more.

Money paid for bookings is held by Bud And Breakfast, including partial refundable damage deposits so that Guests are assured of receiving their deposit unless money is necessary to repair damage or replace broken items.

Once an order is processed, Guest may interact with Owners through Bud And Breakfast messaging.


Bud And Breakfast property listings hide actual street addresses to protect the privacy of Owners.  Guests receive addresses after payment has been processed.  In Map View, "zoom in" is limited so that property locations are only approximate.

Bud And Breakfast features "Manual Approval" for Owners, who can be notified that a Guest is requesting a booking before the booking is processed.  This gives the owner time to confirm availability or discuss concerns with guests through Bud And Breakfast messaging.

Bud And Breakfast allows for Owners to set a Refundable Damage Deposit amount. The deposit from the guest is sent via check or a direct deposit can be submitted into the hosts paypal account to be held in escrow until after check out and conditions of the accommodation can be assessed. For a last minute booking cash can be held in escrow by the host until after check out and conditions of the accommodation can be assessed. This aspect of the booking takes place between the host and the guest directly.

Once an order is processed, Owners may interact with Guests through Bud And Breakfast messaging.