California Bud and Breakfast 

For many travelers seeking the charm of residential rental properties, one major drawback is home rentals that don’t allow smoking. While more and more people are giving up tobacco products due to health concerns, the growing legalization of marijuana has led to increased medical and recreational use.

There’s good news for cannabis aficionados seeking fun in the sun on their next vacay – Bud and Breakfast is not only dedicated to offering cannabis-friendly vacation spots around the world, but also highlighting California marijuana-friendly rental properties. Whether find a joint on your pillow in lieu of a mint or owners focus on promoting marijuana tourism with easy access to nearby dispensaries, you’ll get the relaxing trip you’re seeking without the worry of offending your host.

What can you expect when you start searching for the perfect California 420 rental? Here are a few reasons to love Bud and Breakfast California cannabis rental listings.

The Charm of Your California Cannabis Rental

As with standard vacation rental platforms, Bud and Breakfast delivers a wide range of locations, home styles, and amenities to choose from. Whether you prefer charming Victorians in idyllic, small-town settings or you’d rather have a chic, modern home in the heart of the city, you’ll find the options you seek, with a twist.

No two California marijuana-friendly rental properties are exactly alike, giving you the opportunity to customize your experience. What you will enjoy with every rental is the opportunity to relax in a home away from home when you travel, rather than resigning yourself to dull and impersonal hotel rooms. Some offer bed and breakfast amenities, while other have access to extras like swimming pools, Jacuzzis, tennis courts, and even private beaches.

Gorgeous California 420 Rental Locales

You needn’t worry about finding suitable locales for your upcoming California vacay with California 420 rental locations spread across the state. Whether you’re looking to marvel at the redwoods in Mendocino County, sample local wines and bud in Lake County, enjoy the beaches and nightlife in Orange County, or take in a Lakers, Kings, or Dodgers game in L.A. County, you’ll find Bud and Breakfast locations in your favorite California destinations.

California Marijuana-Friendly Rental Amenities

What sets California cannabis rental properties apart from traditional home rentals? First and foremost, these rentals are geared toward guests who appreciate cannabis culture.

Some locations simply let you smoke inside, while others, like the MacCallum House in Mendocino, not only offer an “everything but the bud” package to provide you with supplies like rolling papers, lighters, and snacks, but they’ll also help you to order deliveries from their partner dispensary at a discount for your convenience. The Hummingbird House in Lake County not only offers proximity to premium growers, but provides CBD drinks and edibles (along with access to relaxing amenities like spa services).

If you think you can’t find the cannabis-friendly retreat that will make your vacation truly serene, think again. With marijuana-focused vacation rentals from Bud and Breakfast, you’ll get the charm of a home away from home, paired with rentals that welcome cannabis aficionados and even facilitate the high-quality vacation you’re seeking.

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