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Bud and Breakfast is a Colorado-based property listing and booking site that connects travelers with cannabis-friendly private accommodations worldwide. A first of its kind digital platform in the rapidly growing cannabis tourism sector, Bud and Breakfast vets every host property listed on its site, providing tourists and business travelers with safe, legal, cannabis-friendly accommodations. In locations where cannabis consumption is legal, host properties may provide “cannabis provided” accommodations and facilitated cannabis experiences.


PROPERTIES: Bud and Breakfast lists properties in localities at all phases of cannabis legalization, from prohibitive states and countries to medical and recreational use jurisdictions. Accommodations range from guest rooms to expansive properties, with options at every price point offering a wide range of experiences, from basic comfort to once in a lifetime luxury.


LOCATIONS: Bud and Breakfast currently lists 160 properties in more than a dozen countries on three continents. Bud and Breakfast destinations include recreational use U.S. states like Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Alaska and current and upcoming medical use states like California and Illinois. Accommodations are also available in countries with decriminalization and legalization measures including Uruguay, Jamaica, and Portugal, and in countries with evolving stances on cannabis consumption like Canada and Mexico. Travelers can also enjoy cannabis-friendly accommodations in far-flung destinations including India, China, Russia, New Zealand and the Philippines.


TEAM: Sean Roby, CEO

Shayan Bastani, COO


CONTACT: 720-460-1283





What is Bud and Breakfast?
Bud and Breakfast is an online property listing and booking service for cannabis friendly
private accommodations.
We connect tourists and business travelers with safe, friendly, legal cannabis friendly
accommodations worldwide.
Our host properties provide the ideal personal introduction to a city or state’s cannabis
Where are your properties?
Bud and Breakfast lists properties worldwide and we are constantly expanding our listings. We
currently list more than 160 properties from dorms to luxury estates in more than a dozen
countries on three continents.
In the U.S., we have property listings in fully legalized recreational and medical states like
Colorado, California, Alaska, Oregon, Hawaii, Washington and Illinois.
Further afield, we list properties in legalized and decriminalized countries like Uruguay, and
Portugal, in countries with evolving stances on cannabis consumption like Canada, Jamaica,
and Mexico, and in exotic locales like India, China, Russia, New Zealand and the Philippines.
Do hosts provide cannabis for their guests?
Where consumption is legal, hosts have the option of providing cannabis or cannabis
The “cannabis provided” designation means that a property offers a cannabis experience as
part of the booking. This may be a joint on your pillow before bed or an infused cooking class.
Travelers who book a “cannabis provided” listing enjoy a friendly introduction to local cannabis
What is the outlook for cannabis tourism?
As the legalization movement expands, the cannabis consumer market is rapidly growing and
becoming more diverse. Attitudes are changing. More people are seeking out cannabis for
medical and recreational use, and many of them are traveling to experience cannabis legally.
Women and baby boomers are the two fastest growing groups of cannabis consumers. These
groups in particular seek safe, friendly accommodations and opportunities to explore cannabis
when they travel.
How do accommodation owners benefit from cannabis tourism?
As cannabis continues to gain acceptance in the mainstream, property owners have an
opportunity to tap into a growing premium audience of pro-cannabis tourists and business
Hosts offer their own rules about when and where smoking is allowed on their properties, so the
biggest difference for the property owner is the demographic they serve.
Owners find that cannabis tourists are more thoughtful and respectful than the typical
college-aged and early 20s holiday crowd, minimizing property damage risks.
Why is Bud and Breakfast focusing efforts in Jamaica?
With the recent passage of decriminalization measures in Jamaica, the world’s most iconic
cannabis consumption culture is finally being invited out into the open. We believe that Jamaica
will become a leading cannabis tourism destination as more people look for safe, authentic
experiences with cannabis in Jamaica.