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High Standards

Our standards for hosts and guests are driven by Bud And Breakfast's values. We want everyone to have a good time when visisting cannabis accommodations, and we think that the following are important for guests and hosts so that the experience is positive and rewarding:


Hosts can choose what they offer and for what price, guests can choose when and where they stay, as well as what they do when they get there.
Freedom involves the right to choose. This can come down to many things, but most relevant to Bud and Breakfast is the right to choose to consume cannabis. This is especially important when the weed is being used for  medical reasons, but it is also a relevant and valued form of stress relief for many people. 


Everyone deserves to be treated respectfully and fairly. Whether you are a host or a guest, Bud and Breakfast places value on fair and equal treatment. 


Life's not rigid, and neither are we. We know only too well that travel involves the coordination of many moving parts: transport, weather, and personal circumstances. We work with people realistically when plans change or when flights get cancelled. If you have a problem come up that means you cannot keep to check-in time, talk to us and we will help you figure it all out.  


Well, that's what this is isn't it? We don't think that you can ever have enough fun, and we want to make sure that both traveling and hosting travelers is fun and fulfilling. 
Guests can always expect to be treated without judgement or discrimination, to be allowed privacy, and to be given great customer service. 
Owners can always expect their property to be treated respectfully, their rules (if they have any) and requests to be adhered to, and courtesy from their guests.