About the Activity

This two hour event can either be hosted outdoors in the sunshine at a park in Golden, or a park of your choice. This event can be held at your Bud and Breakfast location.

For an additional $5 pp, we can host this event in my favorite location St. Mary’s Glacier!

This event will incorporate meditation, intentional movement, and end with an CBD tea ceremony by Jordan and Jane’s. This event is created to give you, your own moments to align with your mind, body and soul. You will indulge in an intentional herbal CBD tea ceremony after moving through a 45 minute slow flow and strength building yoga class, using your body and mat to move through your intention for the class.

Exclusive Offer

15% off for groups of 4 or more.

Company Info

Jordan & Jane’s was founded in 2016 in Boulder, Colorado by one woman and her favorite herb ally. We mindfully craft organic, herbal, cbd tea blends with the goal to bring plants and humans together in harmony. Each tea bag is carefully hand blended and hand-packed. Most of our herbs and all of our hemp is sourced by small home farmers. Each tea bag has an average of 10-20mg of CBD, depending on the blend. We have many different delicious teas you can try, and some other herbal wellness products too.

CBD and the power of plants may have the power to create more abundance, clarity, self-love and stillness. Jordan & Jane’s was designed to give some of that back to you.


Website - HTTPS://jordanandjanes.com

Phone Number: 9042194507

Email Address - [email protected]

Address - Golden, Colorado

Hours - Saturday availability only, at this time. Hour slots to choose from are- 11-1; 2-4; 4-6

Cost Per Person - $35

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