About the Activity

The 2nd Annual Freedom Festival is the 2nd annual anniversary celebration of the liberation of plant medicine in New Mexico! Last year we welcomed 300 people onto 20 acres of reclaimed land for the first time in over 100 years, literally making history! We gathered in safe community around all levels of outdoor experienced plant medicine lovers and this year we’re looking forward to welcoming even more of you to our slice of heaven!

Our festivals are geared toward creating safe spaces for expression through music, art, community, networking and collaboration. Please check the official event website for regular updates to which live performances, vendors and sponsors you can expect to see!

The official event website will give you a glimpse of the performers, vendors and sponsors we welcomed from across the United States for this historical liberation celebration! Paired with the raw beauty of nature, a live performance stage, 2 new art installments in our new amphitheater and local collaborations we’re excited to announce, this festival will be the biggest thing happening for the holiday! We will be welcoming live performances from all types of musicians and genres so if you’re reading this and you’re interested in performing at a new event venue in New Mexico, head over to the event website and submit your application to perform before February 15th!

The 2nd Annual Freedom Festival will be opening our doors at 2pm MST on April 21, 2023 and ending on Sunday, April 23, 2023. Doors will close each day at 8pm, late arrivals will not be allowed entry so please be sure to arrive before 8pm on any day you decide to arrive. We will be launching Early Bird Tickets that will expire on 1/1/23 and then Pre-Sale Tickets will expire on 4/20/23. At-the-door registration will be available as well.

Company Info

Mujeres Valley Campground is the only campground and event center in western New Mexico focused on creating safe spaces, especially for Black, Indigenous, People of Color and their allies. Generators for power are welcome, there are no pull-in/plug-up spots available, camping is welcome, bathrooms and hand washing stations as well as fresh water for drinking and shower will be provided.


Website - https://ganjafreedomfest.com/

Phone Number: 5052198322

Email Address - [email protected]

Address - 11 Mujeres Valley Rd, Fence Lake, NM 87315

Cost Per Person - $45-$80

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  • $20.00Per Night